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DRP launches its six candidates

DRP launches its six candidates


The Democratic Republican Party (DRP) has presented a slate of six persons who will contest the December 9 general elections on its behalf.

Anesia Baptiste, the party’s political leader unveiled the six candidates Wednesday night, during a public meeting at the Fountain gap{{more}} in West St George, two days before Nomination Day.

Speaking in front of a modest crowd, Baptiste urged persons to vote for the three-year-old DRP and move away from the traditional view that only two parties can make up the country’s parliament.

Baptiste said she will be contesting the West St George seat, with the other five candidates running in the East Kingstown, North Central Windward, South Leeward, North Windward and East St George constituencies.

“…it is time for a brand new alternative in the Democratic Republican Party…it is time for us to break tradition, it is time for us to realize that not because we have been accustomed to doing something over and over again, mean we must continue that way. There comes a time where we have to change and change meaningfully change for the better and the DRP offers this change,” said Baptiste who will be coming up against incumbent Cecil McKie of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and Dr Julian Ferdinand of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

The DRP’s candidate in East Kingstown is Karima Paris, a resident of Roseau. She will face off against leader of the opposition Arnhim Eustace and the ULP’s candidate Luke Browne.

“I am giving myself, my service to people of East Kingstown, the community to which I grew up in…I am confident in this race that I could beat Eustace and Browne,” she said.

According to Karima, one of her main areas of focus will be the formation of a ministry of children’s projects which will focus on building the all round child in today’s society.

Running against prime minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and NDP candidate Kenroy Johnson in the North Central Windward constituency is Harron Grant, who seemed to be the crowd favourite. He said although many believe he is crazy to contest in that seat, he is not afraid.

He claimed that victimization by both parties left him looking for an alternative party that does not think about party colours, but cares about the person.

He said when people say he is mad, he responds, “Yes I am mad, M-A-D. I am Motivated, I am Aggressive and I am Determined. I am mad!”

Grant urged Vincentians to vote for the DRP and give an alternative party a chance to lead St Vincent and the Grenadines.

A former public servant, Wendell Paris is contesting the South Leeward constituency. Like Grant, Wendell said it was victimization by both the ULP and the NDP left him feeling that one could not speak out against a ruling party without fear of being punished in some way.

He encouraged persons to put their ‘X’ next to star on election day, which caused an eruption of laughter from those in attendance. He later corrected his error by telling persons to put their ‘X’ next to the heart, the symbol of the DRP.

The star is the symbol of the ULP.

George Byron, the DRP’s North Windward candidate is a farmer with over 30 years experience.

“I understand how to grow good food for my family, also the supermarkets and for export markets. If we are looking at tourism we are supposed to offer the best in food,” he indicated.

“We come here to bring great joy and plans from our party that will govern this country, I also am happy to be standing here on a DRP ticket!”

Calvert Baptiste is the husband of the leader of the DRP. He is also the party’s candidate in East St George, where he will come up against newcomer Camillo Gonsalves of the ULP and veteran Dr Linton Lewis of the NDP.

Admitting he was a bit skeptical about stepping forward in the intial stages, Calvert said he is now clear about what he is doing and looking at the prize.

Party leader Anesia Baptiste said although her party may not have the most money they still have the means and the know how to represent the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Not being able to afford thousand of t-shits, not being able to print 10,000 manifestos, not being able to have the most vehicles etc is not evidence of not being able to represent you and your interests.”

She condemned parties who she believes waste monies and live extravagantly by bringing in international artiste to bring the crowds and have parties.

“Go out to the polls…if you are fed up of this government; punish them with your vote. If you are fed up the opposition and their failed attempts to move the government, punish them too with your votes by putting your ‘X’ next to the heart for the DRP candidates in the constituencies we bring to you…and let us together create better representation in the parliament, better research, better debates, better contributions…,” the DRP leader said.