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News editor wins $161K lotto jackpot

News editor wins $161K lotto jackpot


More accustomed to reporting the news, Yolande Richards has this week become the subject of the news, after scooping the latest jackpot in the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Lotto game.

On Monday, November 9, Richards, who is news editor at the National Broadcasting Corporation, received her winnings of $161,000 {{more}}from the NLA’s product development officer Anthony Dennie.

“I am grateful to be here this morning, to be the latest winner of the jackpot… I’m not a consistent player, but I just chose to buy a ‘quick pick’ on the day, and I was really surprised when I asked if there was any jackpot winner, and I was told yes,” recalled Richards.

“When I checked my ticket, I saw that I had the winning numbers. I took about a day before I came to the lottery to say I am the new winner.”

She also recounted that prior to purchasing the winning ticket from the Sion Hill Sports Club booth on Bay Street, she had got a three-number win on a previous ticket, and decided to play again.

Richards, who is an Arnos Vale resident, said that she has “no immediate plans” for the tax-free sum.

“I am grateful for the lottery; I know it has been supporting a lot of projects here in St Vincent. I would encourage everybody to continue to support the National Lotteries Authority.”

The draw took place on October 31, 2015; and the winning numbers were 6, 7, 10, 12 and 22. Richards was the sole winner.

Product development officer Anthony Dennie congratulated Richards on her win, and encouraged others to play the NLA’s games so they, too, could be winners.

“On behalf of the National Lotteries Authority, we want to take this opportunity to congratulate Miss Richards on being our latest jackpot winner. I certainly hope that this $161,000, that you will put it to good use. There are endless opportunities, endless areas that you can inject the funds into…”

Dennie added: “We certainly do encourage all to continue playing our jackpot games; all our games. We have on the market right now some six scratch games, ranging from $2 to $5, [with] top prizes ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. There’s a lot of money to be won once you play our games!” (JSV)