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Glen man collapses, dies outside mobile police station after stabbing

Glen man collapses, dies outside mobile police station after stabbing


This country, on Sunday, November 1, recorded its 23rd homicide for the year.

Dead is 28-year-old Allan Rouse, a resident of Glen.

According to a police statement, on November 1, at approximately 4:30 a.m, {{more}}Rouse walked to the mobile police station at Glen and reported to the police officers there that he had been involved in an altercation with another man, who had stabbed him on the left side of his neck.

He collapsed at the station and died shortly after making the report. At press time, a 49-year-old man was in custody assisting the police with their investigations.

While that is taking place, mother of the deceased Melita Charles Rouse still cannot fathom why her third child was killed.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, just outside the Calliaqua Police Station, the grieving woman said she was at the home of her daughter when she received the dreaded news about her son shortly after 6 a.m.

“Somebody called and said Allan died. When we rushed to the scene, the police had already taken him up,” she said.

Rouse said she understands that her son remained on the ground for nearly two hours before medical personnel took him away.

According to the bereaved mother, the person who is assisting police with their investigations is the owner of an establishment who prohibits persons from washing vehicles close to his business place.

“Allan does wash down people vehicle. Not Allan one he does argue with. Anybody pass or even walk up by the sidewalk of the shop, he want to fight them.

“He and Allan had an argument sometime before,” she said.

The mother of four is also of the belief that the circumstances leading up to her son’s death may have been born out of politics.

“He all time arguing with Allan. Allan used a word. They were saying Camillo (Gonsalves) do certain thing and Allan say he was there and the man lie,” she said.

Rouse, who is a diabetic and hypertensive, said hours before her son’s demise, she heard that her son was again involved in an argument at a New Democratic Party (NDP) rally in Calliaqua on Saturday night.

Reflecting on their last encounter, Rouse said that same Saturday, Allan had asked her for five dollars.

“I didn’t have the money to give him. He told me he going down at the meeting to work… This thing just raise up me pressure, I just keeping the faith.”

Describing her son as kind and loving, Rouse, who sobbed intermittently, said Allan was not a troublemaker and was kind to everyone.

“I just don’t know why. I have faith in God that he will see me and my children through,” she said, adding that it hurts a lot, especially knowing that Allan’s father was also stabbed and killed when her son was just two years old.

Marietta Richards, aunt of the deceased, said she too, is shaken up by the tragic turn of events.

“I heard he was washing down some car and [there was] some argument…,” Richards told SEARCHLIGHT.

One villager, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the village lost a good man in the deceased.

“He was handy. He was a man who you could ask to do anything. He was very friendly. He would go to anybody and assist them in anyway, whether old or young people,” the villager said.

A post-mortem examination will be carried out on the body of the deceased later this week.

Allan would have celebrated his 29th birthday on Christmas Day, December 25.(KW)