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Layou resident attacked by pregnant relative

Layou resident attacked by pregnant relative

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Although seriously injured, allegedly by a female relative, Janneemay Lewis has not made any report to police, but instead says she leaves it in the hands of God.

According to the Layou resident, she was at the Layou public road on Monday when the close relative gouged out piece of her forearm{{more}} with a broken bottle.

Lewis said she had approached the relative in an effort to settle a disagreement between that woman and another family member, which had been reported to the police. The injured woman said it is then that her pregnant relative attacked her with a stone and a bottle.

Lewis claims that during her attack the relative was shouting, “You think I (expletive) like yo? I doh like yo,” further threatening to kill her (Lewis) because she was “fed up” of her.

The older woman said she managed to escape the angry relative, following which, her attacker left, but then returned and hit her on the head with the bottle.

“From the bottle break… she end up stab me in my left hand,” she said.

A scuffle began that brought both females to the ground.

Lewis says it was at this time she saw blood everywhere, even on the face of her attacker and observed it was from a wound in the palm of her hand, caused by the relative’s attack with the bottle.

The older woman said she then tried to run to her sister, who was nearby, but while running, she was bitten on her leg by a dog, adding to her injuries.

Lewis told SEARCHLIGHT that after all this, she fainted and was taken to the Layou clinic, where an ambulance took her to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), where she received treatment and was discharged Tuesday afternoon.

“I leave them into the hands of God” she disclosed.

Now emotional in recalling the incident, she further stated that this isn’t the first time that her young relative has publicly disrespected her.

One of Lewis’ daughters who was present during the interview expressed her displeasure at what had happened and said the relative used the fact that she is pregnant to her advantage during the attack.

Lewis said the blow she got to her head has resulted in serious headaches, which is preventing her from making her way to the Layou Police Station.(AS)