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New Montrose resident succumbs to gunshot injuries

New Montrose resident  succumbs to gunshot injuries


Although in his earlier days Dennis Quintyn had lived a life that often strayed from the ‘straight and narrow’, in his latter days, he had completely turned things around.

So says Sean Frederick, son of this country’s 18th murder victim for 2015.{{more}}

Quintyn, 57, died Wednesday night at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after being shot by an unknown assailant on Tuesday night.

Reports are that the Upper New Montrose shopkeeper was shot in his shoulder and stomach around 9 p.m., while hanging out with some friends near to his home.

According to Frederick, Quintyn had 14 children.

“Everybody is in a state of mourning obviously, but naturally I think we are strong, and those of us who got to see him before he died…all accepted that he would not have made it. We were preparing ourselves.”

Frederick recounted that prior to last Tuesday’s incident, his father had been attacked at his home on several occasions, and there were probably persons who wanted to kill him.

“Persons attacked him at his home, he had an altercation with someone, he didn’t identify the person but he fought the person; broke his hand while fighting with the person…even before that, persons had attempted to shoot him already…one of his sons was also shot there before…he had persons who probably wanted to kill him.”

Admitting that his father had “rough younger days”, Frederick said Quintyn had completely turned his life around and even made his life right with God.

“He had come around, in his younger days he was really a ‘bacchanalist’ if you want to call it that, but he has come around to change, and I think that is why we are getting so much outpouring of love and support.”

Frederick said even after the relationship between his father and mother ended, Quintyn still paid attention to him and maintained a cordial relationship with his (Frederick’s) mother.

The young man expressed gratitude to the staff at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital who he said worked tirelessly to help his father, even when there was nothing left for them to so.

“Dr Hazel and the staff there…they were always in communication.

“Even after he died they called and extended their condolences and had their little counseling session…. They are very professional. I really appreciate how they dealt with that.

“They worked had to try to save him. He had extensive damage to his abdomen, his chest; there were several holes to his body,” the distraught son said.

Investigations into the murder are continuing, police told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.