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‘Old boys’ help motivate students at Grammar School

‘Old boys’ help motivate  students at Grammar School


by Ari Shaw

Past students of the St Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) who attended the school from as early as the 1940s, visited the school yesterday and gave motivational presentations to students as part of ‘Old Boys’ Day’.

“The response has been overwhelming,”{{more}} said headmaster Curtis King, adding that the school was visited by alumni of various backgrounds, including: civil engineering, law enforcement, forestry, the public service, medicine, law, religion and journalism.

According to King, the talks had the purpose of exposing students to as many past students as possible, so they could be motivated to perform to the best of their ability.

Alumni who answered the call to return to school, which was established in 1908, included: retired surgeon Dr Cecil Cyrus; retired optometrist and historian Dr Edgar Adams; MP St Clair Leacock (whose wedding ceremony was held on the school steps, his wife being a former SVGS head); Queen’s Counsel and former Attorney-General Parnell Campbell; former MP Michael Browne; first local Commander of the SVG Coastguard David Robin; land surveyor and newspaper columnist Sebastian “Bassy” Alexander; Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams; MP and Minister of Tourism Sports and Culture Cecil “Ces” Mckie; lawyer J-Lani Williams; and pastor Dr Cecil Richards.

The Old Boys’ Day, which used to be a regular feature in the 1960’s and early 1970s is now being reintroduced, as King looks to form an Alumni Association, so that each year, September 21, which is the school’s anniversary, could be set aside for interactions between past and present students at different levels, whether it be football matches or lectures.

Excited to speak to the students, the ‘Old Boys’ reminded them that their Alma Mater is an old, but prestigious institution, that has provided St Vincent and the Grenadines with many outstanding graduates who make contributions not only to this country, but to several countries in the region and further afield.

The past students reminded the current ones to be disciplined and hard-working, so that they would reap success.

Dr Edgar Adams, who entered the school in 1945, recalled when the school only had 200 students and seven male teachers, compared to the 700 plus students it has on roll today. Other past students recalled their school life in contrast to the present, speaking about the size, their experiences and past headmasters.

King told SEARCHLIGHT that photographs of all past headmasters of the school would be framed and displayed in the general office of the school.

To show their appreciation to the visiting ‘Old Boys’, the school gave them a small package that included a tie pin, a pen and lanyard that commemorated the 100th anniversary of the school.