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St Mary’s RC head explains school’s late start

St Mary’s RC head explains school’s late start


After one week’s delay, the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School reopened for the new school year, yesterday, September 14.

Head teacher of the school Eula Johnny told SEARCHLIGHT that the beginning of the school year was delayed because of construction work taking place on the school building {{more}}closest to the North River.

Johnny said that the river had undermined the wall and was running “straight under the building.”

She explained that the contractor had filled the undermined wall with concrete reinforced with steel to create a stable structure.

The head teacher, however, noted that late delivery of materials caused the delay in the reopening of the school.

The head teacher also disclosed that the concrete on the stonework of the original river defence wall had also been replaced, since the river had significantly degraded the concrete around the stones.

An additional re-enforcement wall was built to support the existing structure, which should make it more difficult for water to undermine the wall structure in the future.

Johnny noted that the project was part funded by the school, the parent teacher association and by donations from various persons. (CM)