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NDP ‘upset’ when ULP spends money on ‘poor people’ – Carlos James

NDP ‘upset’ when ULP spends money on ‘poor people’ – Carlos James


Political newcomer Carlos James says that while the Unity Labour Party (ULP) spends money to cater to the poorer class and marginalized people of this country, there are some who are disturbed when these people receive help.

James, who is contesting the North Leeward seat in the next general elections on a ULP {{more}}ticket, told party supporters at a rally in Chateaubelair last Sunday that work that the ULP is doing is for the benefit of Vincentians.

“You see the NDP, comrades, I see Luke Browne here, but he’s not a part of what I am going to tell you. They sit in their little groups and have coffee overlooking Bequia in Cane Garden and up in Queen’s Drive and Ratho Mill.

“And they complain about the Government spending too much money to help poor people, and spending too much money to send poor people children off to universities. They want more of the money to come to Kingstown for the business class,” James said.

Additionally, James said the ULP spends its money to enrich the poor and marginalized to ensure that these persons have a better standard of living.

“Last week, we just had a young man in Rose Bank who just went off to Cuba to study medicine. When you go to the hospital here in Chateaubelair, the local doctor, his name is Francis Murray. He’s from Fitz-Hughes,” James added.

James also spoke of the ‘Lives to Live Programme’ — a programme whereby the Government assists persons with physical and mental disabilities by building toilets and bathroom in their homes.

“When we put on toilets and bathrooms on houses for a man like Arnold Cyrus, a blind man from Troumaca, Mr Murray who had a stroke in Fitz-Hughes, Massie in Petit Bordel, who is disabled from a stroke. When we put bathrooms and toilets on to their houses, the NDP upset. They say what we doing putting thing on people’s house.

“To the bunch of elites, who have Arnhim Eustace on a string like a puppet, they are the ones who are the most disgruntled. Not the poor people getting the help. And we have to understand and recognize that,” James insisted.

He said if Vincentians do not vote for the ULP, they will be allowing those in East St George, East Kingstown, Queen’s Drive and those in Cane Garden to benefit more than the people of North Leeward and the people of North Windward.

“I know Luke Browne probably would not like to hear me say that, but the people in Mala Village and those in Murray’s Village who going to vote for him agree with me too,” he asserted.

Luke Browne, the ULP’s candidate for East Kingstown, is a resident of Cane Garden.

James told ULP supporters that they have to ensure that the party remains in office, so that they can continue their mandate of policies that benefit the poor and marginalized. (KW)