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Green Hill man shot down after alighting minibus

Green Hill man shot down after alighting minibus


The family of slain Green Hill resident Garvet ‘Dutty’ Foster say that while they are still hurting over his death, they have accepted what has happened and are trying to move on.

“We don’t really want to speak to the media right now. It’s in God’s hands. We are trying to move on. People have already said what they {{more}}have to about him,” Foster’s sister told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

A police report states that Foster, a 33-year-old labourer, died in Green Hill after being shot about 8 p.m, on Tuesday, September 1.

“Reports are that the deceased was attacked and received several gunshots about his body, after he alighted a minibus on his way home,” the press release read.

Foster was pronounced dead on the scene by a coroner. His body was discovered in a nearby river following the shooting.

However, details are still unclear surrounding the circumstances of Foster’s death.

SEARCHLIGHT also visited the deceased’s home in Green Hill on Wednesday, but family members declined an interview, stating that his mother, who suffers with high blood pressure, was also in no condition to speak to the media.

On Wednesday, police officers from the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) and Criminal Investigations Department (CID) were met combing the scene for evidence.

One senior officer involved with the investigations confirmed that six shell casings were found in the area where Foster met with his death.

A post-mortem examination was scheduled to have been carried out on the body yesterday.

Foster, who had a checkered past and several run-ins with local police authorities, was arrested and charged for entering Grenada illegally in 2013, and allegedly shooting a man.

In January 2013, a then 30-year-old Foster was arrested after shooting a Grenadian, Kester Aban, multiple times during a robbery attempt at the man’s home in Grenada.

That same night, Foster unsuccessfully attempted to rob a Grenadian police officer, and shot at the policeman when that attempt failed.

He was subsequently arrested and sentenced to three months in prison for entering Grenada illegally, and was remanded for the three other crimes.

It is still not clear what the outcome of those matters was.

On August 15, 2014, Foster was one of two men who were shot in Belair. Wilford Woodley, the other man involved, died on the scene, after being pursued by one of three gunmen and shot several times.

Foster was shot in both legs.

His murder brings to 15, the number of homicides recorded in St Vincent and the Grenadines for 2015. (KW)