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The Arnos Vale Covenant Assembly launches new project

The Arnos Vale Covenant Assembly launches new project


The Arnos Vale Covenant Assembly (AVCA) has launched another project which seeks to uplift the people of this country. Last Friday, the Vincy Style Bakery, located on the mainroad at Questelles, had a grand opening ceremony in collaboration with AVCA.

Gerald Stapleton, owner of the{{more}} bakery, told SEARCHLIGHT that he has been in the bakery business for 13 years and it has always been his dream to open his own bakery. He promises outstanding service to his customers with the provision of quality bread and pastries.

With its location on the Leeward Highway, Stapleton said he expects that the bakery, which will be run by his girlfriend Shaniva Henry, will be well received by residents of the leeward side of the island.

He thanked AVCA, who he said made his dream a reality.

Robert Fitzpatrick, director for social ministry and assistant pastor of AVCA, told SEARCHLIGHT that it had come to their attention that Stapleton was struggling with a bakery in Vermont and in following the Acts of the Apostles in helping people, the church decided to give a helping hand.

“We saw that he had a need and the church assisted.”

Fitzpatrick said without asking Stapleton about his religious denomination or political standpoint, AVCA decided to grant the young bakery owner a loan, so that he could live his dream.

“The important thing is to help those persons who are in need.”

Senior pastor of AVCA Reverend Dr E Walford Thompson said the motto of his church is ‘Authentic Voice Compassionate Action’.

He explained that AVCA is committed to helping people who have business ideas to help themselves, with guidance, if not financially.

AVCA, which was the first donor to the Norma Keizer Scholarship Foundation, is also known to build houses to assist persons who have suffered from natural disasters.

Following the floods of December 2013, AVCA built a house in Troumaca for a family of Rose Bank that lost five family members.

“We were determined by the grace of God to help them put a roof over their heads,” Fitzpatrick said.

The pastors said when AVCA grants loans to entrepreneurs, the money is paid back with interest over a period of time. However, unlike a bank, they would not foreclose on those who have problems repaying the money, because they want to use the entrepreneur’s success as a model to show that some people just need help in order to be successful.

At last Friday’s opening, residents and passersby were surprised by the distribution of free bread to them. (AS)