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SVGFF’s general secretary placed on suspension

SVGFF’s general secretary placed on suspension


The problem plagued St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is again in the spotlight with the suspension of general secretary Trevor Huggins.

In a letter sent to Huggins by president of the SVGFF Venold Coombs dated Tuesday, March (sic) 18, 2015, the latter outlined a series of {{more}}events which led to the unilateral decision.

“I have just read a letter dated 17th August, 2015, sent by you to Ms Andrea James, attorney-at-law and Barrister. This letter seeks to enquire about World Cup tickets which were done well over a year ago,” reads the opening paragraph of Coombs’ letter to Huggins.

“Several times you have sent correspondence to various sources and parties without permission from the President, or his knowledge or to his attention… You have sent notice to convene executive meeting without knowledge and approval. You recently sent several messages by phone critical of me in a ‘chat room’,” the president’s correspondence further informed Huggins.

Coombs said that Huggins did not adhere to the clauses of his contract, neither did he work closely with him.

“These violations are out of control. In order to stop this terrible situation from creating chaos, I am suspending you immediately as General Secretary. This suspension takes immediate effect and it is done by me as President and Chief organising Officer: article: (1), (a),” Coombs added.

“Your actions could have and can cause serious legal damages to the organisation, and, can also result in legal pitfalls, plus institutional dislocation. Your status as General Secretary, will be brought to the executive meeting, for possible recommendation. May I remind you, only the President can recommend the dismissal, of the General Secretary”, the letter concluded.

The suspension of Huggins is the latest turbulence in a series which has epitomized the Coombs led administration since it took office in September, 2011.

One year after selecting Guy Lowe as one of his committee members, Coombs proceeded to terminate Lowe’s services. In November 2013, then first vice-president Lloyd Small tendered his resignation. During the same month, the executive of the SVGFF was called to answer questions about $94,000, which was unaccounted for.

Following this, the world governing body FIFA wrote to the SVGFF inquiring about the use and documentation of US$78,000 and the transfer of EC$170,001 across bank accounts.

The SVGFF at that same time had its accounts garnished as a result of a court order.

Also in June 2014, then first vice-president Kenton Ollivierre had orchestrated a vote of no-confidence in Coombs, but this fell flat as other executive members chickened out.

Coombs has been the centre of contention among executive members and affiliates alike, over his leadership style.

One who is often raucous, Coombs unleashed a tirade of words on third vice-president of the SVGFF Elroy Paul Boucher at an executive meeting on August 5, at the SVGFF’s office on Bentick Square.

Coombs, in the audio recording of the rant referred to Boucher as “an element of darkness”, “a lone ranger”, as having a “nasty, dirty venomous tongue”, “you blasted hypocrite”, “you element of deceiving and deception,” as well as “a destabilising character”.(RT)