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GHS student secures 15 Grade One passes at 2015 CXC/CSEC

GHS student secures 15 Grade One passes at 2015 CXC/CSEC


Former Girls’ High School student Abigail Scott has set a new national record after securing 15 grade one passes at the 2015 CXC/CSEC examinations.

Scott, who placed first overall in the 2010 Common Entrance examinations, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that she wanted to make history by setting a new record, but she also {{more}}wanted to challenge herself in order to prove that she can accomplish any goal that she sets for herself.

“I feel overjoyed about accomplishing such a feat,” she said.

“It involved sacrificing my time spent on the Internet for one and using a lot of my free time to do SBAs. Ten of my subjects had SBAs. I practised a lot of past papers in the weeks leading up to my exams and had my teachers mark them. And of course, a lot of studying was included. I had nights where I didn’t get much sleep because of the amount of work I had to complete. At one point, 12 (a.m.) was the earliest I went to sleep.”

The daughter of Dawn and Bernard Scott of Arnos Vale obtained grade one passes in Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, English A, English B, French, Spanish, Information Technology, Office Administration, Principles of Business, Electronic Document Preparation Management, Social Studies, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

According to the former deputy head girl and Girl Guide patrol leader, the only challenge was finding time to complete assignments and SBAs after arriving home late every evening after attending evening lessons.

While her methods worked well for her, Scott is advising future CSEC students to think about what they wish to achieve and work hard to achieve it, no matter the number of subjects that they choose to sit.

“I advise you to think about what you would like to accomplish, whether it be 9 subjects, 12 subjects or 15 subjects, then set that as a goal for yourself and work extremely hard to achieve it. The reward is worth the sacrifice, so do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the grade you would like to see,” she said.

Scott, who was valedictorian of her graduating class, took the opportunity to express thanks to God for allowing her to achieve her goal, her parents and teachers for their hard work and support and her friends and classmates for their encouragement and motivation.

The teenager told SEARCHLIGHT that her next goal is to excel in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Pure Mathematics at the St Vincent and the Community College, as she would like to pursue a career in the medical field, whether it be as a cardiologist or medical chemist. (BK)