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Thousands of Vincentians gather for a day of fun

Thousands of Vincentians gather for a day of fun


Extended hours, along with more activities, were some of the calls made by persons who attended the fourth Vincy Day USA, last Saturday.

Held at the campgrounds at Heckscher State Park in Long Island, the event officially ran from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., but some persons are saying the event should be extended.{{more}}

Veronica Slater, formerly of Largo Heights is one such person. “I think they should extend it to at least another hour, because there are so many people who you would like to see and look the time is up,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

“It is my first time and next year, God’s willing, I will be here…. This reminds me of Labour Day on Eastern Parkway, but the difference is a Vincy thing…. I enjoyed it … I saw persons whom I have not seen since I left home many years ago,” Slater commented.

Another first timer at the Vincy Day celebrations, Alnif Williams of Campden Park, was in glee over his attendance, although it was not planned.

“It is really a good thing to see so many Vincentians in one place…. I got to meet a lot of my old friends from school and so on…. I came here a bit late, but I enjoyed it… I love it,” Williams stated.

Meanwhile, Ijahlon Butler, who is a final year student at UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados, noted that it was also his first taste of Vincy Day.

A national scholar, Butler noted “I had a lot of fun, meeting friends and there was no shortage of food and camaraderie, but I would like to see more sporting activities, especially to involve the children.”

“I would have liked to see some of the traditional games like Lime and Spoon race, Dodge, Sack race and so on played by the kids, so that they can keep some things which their parents and grandparents in St Vincent grew up doing,” Butler added.

The fourth edition of Vincy Day saw thousands of Vincentians gathered for a day of fun, frolicking and feasting on the wide expanse of the venue.

The official programme involved live gospel, soca and calypso renditions, and mas displays. The resident disc jockey flavoured the event with many Vincentian soca hits — past and present, with Skinny Fabulous’ “This island is mine” and Hypa 4000’s “Dutty” getting the most rotation.

Other entities used the day to promote real estate opportunities in St Vincent and the Grenadines and other investment and career prospects.

But spontaneity was the order of the day, as many chose to mill around and chat of past experiences, play table games, take photos of the occasion or otherwise entertain themselves.

Still, after the designated time had elapsed and the music shut down, this seemed not enough for some, as they made music of their own, while others remained in the parking area even after darkness descended to finish off conversations, food and drink which had remained untouched.

Vincy Day USA, an annual family day is now the largest congregation of Vincentians in North America, and has the motto: “Together as One.”(RT)