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Parents encouraged to steer their children towards careers other than law, medicine

Parents encouraged to steer their children towards careers other than law, medicine


The chair of the Basil Charles Educational Foundation (BCEF) is urging parents to encourage their children to pursue careers within fields other than law and medicine.

Basil Charles made the call at the handing over of scholarships and bursaries to five recipients, which took place at Basil’s Bar last Wednesday.{{more}}

Charles, who suggested that Information Technology is a very lucrative and rewarding field, said: “IT is actually changing the way we do everything, and it is going to continue to change from year to year, generation to generation… it’s growing in quantum leaps in comparison to everything we’re doing today.”

While acknowledging that law and medicine are good fields to get involved in, he urged this current batch of students to consider IT, because it is a field that is rapidly expanding both in SVG and worldwide.

“If you are good in IT, you can get a job anywhere!” he insisted.

Charles described IT as a “noble profession,” which pays better than almost any other field that exists.

“We should spend a lot more time trying to figure out how to get our kids to become great IT technicians or whatever programmes… That’s just my advice.”

The foundation, which was established in 1995, awarded full scholarships to Jada Chambers of Barrouallie; Saviola Blake, of Diamond Village; and Calecia Swift of Richland Park.

Bursaries were awarded to Khalid Brown of Biabou, and Reanna Phillips of Diamond Village.

11-year-old Jada, 12-year-old Calecia, and 11-year-old Reanna will be attending the Girls’ High School in the new academic year, while Saviola and Khalid, both 11 years old, will be attending the St Vincent Grammar School.

Charles said that the foundation has introduced a section on the application form where the parent(s) of the students have to write about their financial background.

“We want to do it… not only because a kid is bright, but because we want to help the people who need the help most.”

The BCEF has thus far helped 132 students through full scholarships, and 75 students through bursaries. Additionally, the programme currently has 25 students attending secondary school, and four attending the SVG Community College.

Charles also took the time to thank the various sponsors who have contributed over the year to the Basil Charles Educational Foundation, which include Felix Dennis (now deceased), Mustique Company, VINSURE, CK Greaves & Co, Gonsalves Liquors, Coreas Hazell, Digicel and Phillips Bakery, among others.

Many of the scholarship and bursary recipients over the years have gone on to lead successful lives – most notably so, Rosbert Humphrey, the first ever recipient, who currently works at the East Caribbean Central Bank and holds a Master’s degree in finance.

Also present at the handing over ceremony was BCEF board member Samantha Goodluck and Karen Joseph-Nero, who chaired the event.(JSV)