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SVG offered four additional scholarships by ROC on Taiwan

SVG offered four additional scholarships by ROC on Taiwan


by Chanolde Munroe

Vincentian students are this year the beneficiaries of 17 scholarships under the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) of the Republic of China on Taiwan and the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This number is an increase by four, {{more}}over the 13 scholarships awarded last year.

At a ceremony held last Friday at the National Public Library conference room, Taiwanese ambassador Baushuan Ger said the 17 awardees were chosen from a pool of 80 applicants and will pursue studies in engineering, tourism management, medicine, public health, computer science, tropical agriculture, medical laboratory science, environmental science and journalism.

He explained that although the Taiwanese government budget for awarding scholarships has remained unchanged, Vincentians were awarded four additional scholarships because of their outstanding performance. He encouraged the students to work hard because with St Vincent and the Grenadines getting four additional scholarships, it means that another country got four fewer scholarships.

The ambassador expressed his pleasure in knowing that students who have studied in Taiwan have returned to SVG and become productive members of society, whether it is in the Government sector, private sector, one’s own entrepreneurial endeavours, hospitals or schools.

He also noted that in the year 2014, there were 100,000 international students studying in Taiwan from 148 different countries around the world.

Ambassador Ger also commented that like St Vincent, Taiwan is an island with few natural resources, hence the reason for their investment in human resources. He also stated that the scholarships will be a small contribution to assist SVG with the development of their human resources to increase economic competitiveness.

“We have noted and admired the education revolution initiative taken by the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines; the success of this initiative will definitely in the long term make a strong impact on national development.”

Ambassador Ger also encouraged the scholarship recipients to study hard and enjoy themselves while in Taiwan.

Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel also delivered brief remarks to the awardees. She instructed the scholarship recipients to adjust themselves when they get to Taiwan. “Try to do your best getting by, whatever your school has taught you to do, please try to do it,” Miguel remarked.

She also told the awardees, “We are trying to give you the skills and attitudes to go out in the world.

“Remember that in St Vincent, education is one of its major planks and that it is only the students who can make the big difference in their lives apart from the teachers and they must always remember hard work brings success.”

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves was also in attendance at the scholarship presentation ceremony. He explained that even before the students have arrived in Taiwan $30,000 has already spent on them in economic costs.

“So, this is a great investment; so if we are to factor for each student who is here at $80,000 a year, you do the math,” said the Prime Minister.

He also disclosed that the Government has allocated six million dollars in scholarships and grants and have awarded more than 60 tuition grants.

Additionally five million dollars will be used for the students on the economically disadvantaged programme and in addition to that at the Community College, the budget is now 14 million dollars.

The Prime Minister stated that by the year 2025, his goal is to have at least one university graduate in each household.

He also encouraged the students to embrace the culture, educate themselves about the Chinese culture and always remain humble. He also stressed that the students must also do their best in school in addition to having fun.

The Prime Minister with pride said “the greatest single achievement of this Government for which it would long be remembered … would be what has been done for education.”

This is the 11th year since Taiwan has been awarding university scholarships to Vincentians. Within this period, over 100 Vincentians have benefited from the programme and have attained Bachelors, Masters and PhDs in several fields of study.