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Mustique gets craft market treat

Mustique gets craft market treat


by Azanie Lavia

Guests on the island of Mustique were treated to a mini craft market last week, hosted by the Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) and its sister trust in the United Kingdom.

Thirty-five local craftspersons and artisans selected from 50 applicants descended last {{more}}Wednesday on the exclusive island to market their products to the homeowners, guests and workers.

Lavinia Gunn, administrator of the MCT,s in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, spoke highly of the event and the participation it received.

She explained that the fair was held on Mustique to give exposure to local craftspersons and to showcase their arts and crafts to the guests who seldom go to mainland St Vincent.

Gunn added that in organizing the fair, the aim of the trustees of the MCTs was “to help with the development of entrepreneurial skills in the area of arts and craft.”

The administrator said a plane was chartered, in addition to the scheduled flight to take 28 artists from St Vincent to Mustique. Additionally, two fishing boats transported six artists from Bequia. Gunn also disclosed that all the pieces of art and craft were shipped to Mustique at no cost to the artistes.

Some of the products showcased included straw and basketwork, handmade fabric bags, bamboo work, jewelry, condiments, soaps, beauty products, leather products, carvings, paintings and model boats.

The products were displayed in 35 stalls, under specially designated tents stretching from Coreas Food Store all the way to the harbour between Basil’s Bar and the fishing village.

Gunn commended Jan O’Neil, along with her team, for her “exceptional” work in setting up the tents and making the area look presentable for the fair.

The administrator said sales were brisk at the fair and “everybody left smiling.”

She stressed that the MCTs made no profit from the event and the money went directly to the craft vendors and the artists.

“It was purely a gesture to help the artists in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

According to Gunn, everyone was so pleased with the outcome of the fair, its organization and the generosity of the MCTs, that the plan is to host another one in December.