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Scholarship recipients urged to continue working hard

Scholarship recipients urged to continue working hard


“You become what you believe you are. You can choose to believe you are an eagle who soars or you can choose to be like the eagle who lived his life like a chicken.”

These were the words of Jerand Phills, motivational speaker at the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) Limited annual{{more}} scholarship award ceremony, which took place at the Methodist Church Hall on Monday.

Phills, the 2003 GECCU scholar, congratulated all students on passing the CPEA examinations and also for reaping the benefits of hard work – the scholarships.

As part of his address to the 12 scholarship recipients, he told the story of ‘The Eagle and The Chickens.’ He advised the students to “appreciate that God created us and more specifically, you, for great things and is willing to equip you for greatness,” if they follow his lead and seek his direction.

“Have you ever heard of someone dreaming to be a failure?” Phills asked the students. He said that failure does not play any part in dreaming or aspiring. He continued, saying “It is the dreamer that instills any doubt or fear, not the dream itself.”

He stressed that the students should “if they ever dream to become an eagle,” follow their dreams and not the “words of a chicken,” not negative thoughts or fears of failure.

Chair of the scholarship committee Dr Mineva Glasgow announced at the ceremony that this year, a decision had been taken to increase the value of the scholarships.

She disclosed that the monetary award had increased from $1,400 to $1,600 a year for students in forms one to three and from $1,600 to $1,800 for students from 4th form to the Community College level. The credit union has also increased the number of scholarships granted each year from 11 to 12.

Glasgow said that this year, GECCU has increased the number of scholarships awarded to students from the Grenadines to two, with one going to a student from the Northern Grenadines and the other to a student from the Southern Grenadines.

In her presentation, Glasgow stressed that the recipients have to do their part in order to succeed. “I want to remind you that you alone hold the key to your success. GECCU can provide the opportunities, but you must measure up to the mark.”

She encouraged the recipients to continue to work hard and excel in their education so they can reap rich dividends in their academic endeavours.

GECCU’s president Kelvin Pompey, in his remarks, said as they celebrate their 34th annual scholarship presentation, they are proud that their scholarship recipients have taken top positions in the CPEA examinations.

He made it clear that “GECCU’s involvement in the development of the young minds does not end with the granting of the scholarship…. At GECCU we believe we have a strong moral, if not a legal obligation to invest in the education of our students.’’

Joycelyn Blake Browne, representative of the Ministry of Education, thanked GECCU for the increase in the number of scholarships despite the global economic crisis, and for its contribution to education.

She advised the students to invest in themselves and take ownership of their learning.

“…invest in your education, spend quality time preparing your work, your assignments and whenever you have examinations don’t lapse! Always be ahead.”

Paige Cadogan, who placed first for girls and first overall in this year’s CPEA exam, is a GECCU Scholar of 2015. She gave the scholars’ response on behalf of all the recipients.

“On behalf of the GECCU Scholars of 2015, I thank GECCU for recognizing the hard work that we have put in over the years at primary school, which has been reflected in our CPEA results.”

She also promised GECCU that she and her fellow recipients would work hard and do their best to meet the “GECCU established requirements.”

As a junior saver at GECCU, she commended the credit union for always being interested in the development of young people. Cadogan said the scholarships and bursaries given are evidence of GECCU’s interests.

Since 1981, GECCU has awarded 231 scholarships, valued at $2,610,300. The 12 scholarship awardees for 2015 are Paige Cadogan, Rishona James, Jonoliah Mathes, Nasya Robin, Danielson Ferguson, Xavique Wyllie, Cosem Millington, Donje Charles, Alec Best, Kleb Bartholomew, Jamark Osborne (Northern Grenadines Scholarship) and Zoeyie Billy (Southern Grenadines Scholarship). One hundred and twenty-one other students received bursaries valued at $100.(AL/CT)