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Play 4 winners collect prizes

Play 4 winners collect prizes


by Connice Trimmingham

The four winners of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Play Four Grand Mas Draw have expressed their delight at their good fortune.

Allana Ashton, Amalita Westfield, Sylvia Paul and Patrice Lewis each received $4,000 in prize money at a handing over ceremony that took place at the NLA headquarters yesterday.{{more}}

“I wasn’t in Park; is one of my cousin who message me and tell me I win and from that I didn’t go back to sleep. I was happy,” said Ashton, a resident of Arnos Vale.

When asked, Ashton said she has no immediate plans for the money, but would save it for a while.

Chateaubelair resident Westfield explained that she was proud because she didn’t expect to win.

“Well, I’m very proud. The early morning I get the phone call, somebody called me….I wasn’t looking for that”.

Alice Deroche, who represented her sister Patrice Lewis, said “I must say she is very happy. I know she’s been with lottery for years and years and years; this one is a big pay-off for her.”

Paul, on the other hand, admits that she was still daydreaming because she had never won anything in her life.

“I was home when my daughter called me. ‘Mommy you won!’ I said won what? She said, ‘You won $4,000’. I said by what? She said ‘The thing that you fill out’. I didn’t go back to sleep either. The excited woman also disclosed that she is constructing a home at present, so the money would be used to help to finish the house.

Over the last two months, the NLA held a Carnival promotion in which persons who purchased four dollars worth of ‘Play Four’ on one ticket were given a chance to win instant prizes. Those who did not win were given an opportunity to enter the draw, which took place at the Soca Monarch show on July 4.