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‘Man Zangie’ retains Calypso Monarch

‘Man Zangie’ retains Calypso Monarch


Having won the Calypso Monarch title for the first time last year, Zamfir ‘Man Zangie’ Adams has shown that it was no fluke by keeping a firm hold on the title again this year.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Adams said that the competition, which took place last Sunday evening was much tougher for him this year {{more}}because persons were expecting a lot more from him this time around.

“Watching the semi-finals, I think that this year was one of the best years. We had some great performances both from senior persons who were in it before and from young persons such as Shaunelle and Skarpyon, who I thought would have given me a run for the finals,” he admitted.

Adams further said that although he is pleased with his win – which he secured with ‘I’m Asking’ and ‘Changing In Attitude’ – the victory is not as exciting for him as it was last year.

“I already accomplished the goal that I wanted… so I was satisfied with bringing home this title.”

In terms of preparing for his performances, the 25-year-old said that he has a great team to work with, as well as a good imagination. He explained that he always envisions a lot of creative ways in which to present his performances, so it’s usually just a matter of choosing the most fitting ones for his songs.

So what can fans expect from Man Zangie next year? Nothing but the best, according to him.

“I’m expecting to go even bigger, and persons will come and enjoy!” he enthused.

Adams, who is a police officer, said that he has taken on board all of this year’s critiques of his performance, and will be rectifying them so that he can make his 2016 presentation something for the fans to remember.

“I’m trying to keep the art form alive,” he insisted. “People will say that it is dying and no young people, but even if you have one, two or three, there are young people who are still interested and want to see the art form [stay] alive.

“I am there, and I must say as well that as more years pass, there will be changes… enhancing the Calypso art form.”

Also retaining the position he earned in 2014 was runner-up Robert ‘Patches’ Knights/King who gave very good renditions in both appearances on stage with his songs ‘Don’t give up’ and ‘Massa Day Done’. Third place was awarded to another veteran and former calypso monarch Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne. Skakes performed ‘Ole School Calypso’ and in the second round, his excellent piece ‘Dancing at 64’.

The other finalists were Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar, Shaunelle McKenzie, Noel ‘Defoe’ Castello, Dennis Bowman, Joel ‘Navel String’ Bartholomew, Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Hendrickson, Glenroy ‘Homey’ Delpesche and Junior ‘Marshie’ Marshall.(JSV)