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Dead body identified as Lowmans Teen

Dead body identified as Lowmans Teen


When 18-year-old Katisha Bess left home last Monday, she told those closest to her that she was going to “collect something.”

Little did they know that would be the last time they saw or heard from the Great House, Lowmans Leeward resident.{{more}}

Yesterday, police at the Calliaqua Police Station told SEARCHLIGHT that Bess’ grandmother Lenzy George identified the body after it was discovered by forest rangers at the Kings Hill Forest Reserve in the Diamond area on Wednesday.

Attempts to reach George yesterday proved futile, but at another house where Bess also spent a lot of time, that family is baffled as to why such a quiet person’s life was cut short.

Bethel Warren said Bess was a “nice and easy person,” who kept to her self a lot.

“She was really quiet, but she never used to say much. I don’t know if it’s because she was with my son, why she didn’t say anything much, but I really don’t understand why this happen. She had nothing with nobody,” a stunned Warren told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to one family member who asked not to be identified, when Bess left home on Monday, she said she was “going to collect something.”

“She go town on Monday. I pay for her to go to town. When we didn’t see her come back, we thought she went to spend time by her mother in the country,” the woman said.

She said it was not unusual for Bess to spend time at her mother’s home, but noted that she would text or call to say where she was.

“She didn’t say who she was going to meet or where. Katisha don’t trouble people at all. I tried calling her the Tuesday, no answer. I tried texting her, no answer. Her phone was off and her phone is not normally turned off,” the woman added.

Shakena Warren, another family member said Katisha was like family to them.

“She was like a sister and I really don’t understand why or how this happen,” she said.

She noted that around 2 p.m. on Monday, she received a telephone call from Katisha. She however said the call was made from the telephone of a man she knows, whose number she recognized.

“She call me from his phone. I call back the number on Tuesday and asked where she was and he told me that he didn’t see her for the whole of Monday.

“I don’t believe she was killed where she was met. The person had to kill her elsewhere and dump her body…,” Warren added.

Browne is said to have sustained injuries to her head and neck.

A release from the police said a 49-year-old man is assisting officers of the Calliaqua Police Station Criminal Investigations Department with the investigation.

A post-mortem examination is expected to be carried out on the body.

Police say Bess’s death is recorded as the 12th murder for 2015.