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Rishona, Paige top CPEA

Rishona, Paige top CPEA


Paige Cadogan has successfully secured the first position in the 2015 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations, placing the Windsor Primary School in the top spot for the second consecutive year.

The 11-year-old tied for first overall, recording 98 per cent for Mathematics, 96 per cent for English {{more}}and 94 per cent for Science.

She was also in a three-way tie for the highest score for English in the country.

“I was overwhelmed when I found out my results. I was hoping that I came in the top 10, but I wasn’t really expecting to come first,” she told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Born on January 8, 2004 to Dr Simone France and Andre Cadogan, the young lady revealed that the recipe for her success included studying a lot, doing many practice papers and attending extra lessons. She also stated that she received help from teachers and her family.

“I would like to thank first of all God. I’d like to thank my family for helping me. I’d like to thank my teachers,” said the Black Sands Swim Squad swimmer and La Gracia dancer.

The future businesswoman hopes to attend the Girls’ High School in September and urged persons to work hard and always strive for excellence.

“Just keep studying. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure, because you will get overworked and also just keep striving for excellence,” she said.

Head teacher Carol Smith took the opportunity to commend Cadogan for her efforts. Smith noted that the 11-year-old has always been consistent and that the school was happy that she had attained the top spot.

“Paige is a very hard worker. Since grade K, she has been an A student and she came up to Grade 6 and continued in the same stride. We expected her to come first. We knew at least that somebody from our school was going to come first,” she said.

Smith, who has been the head teacher at Windsor for the past 11 years, also expressed excitement that this is the school’s second consecutive year at earning the top position in CPEA.

She noted that the teachers made sure that each child did what the CPEA curriculum recommends, so that each student could become a high achiever. (BK)

Rishona aspires to become a judge or marine biologist

Finding the perfect balance between school work and extra-curricular activities is one of the things that helped Rishona James tie for first place in the 2015 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

James, a student at the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School placed first overall, gaining 98 per cent for Mathematics, 96 per cent for Science and 96 per cent for English. She also has the highest marks in this country for English.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, the 11-year-old declared that she felt good and excited about what she had achieved.

“You have to work hard and surround yourself with people that will encourage you, but you can’t work too hard. You have to have fun in between as well too,” she said, explaining her process of preparation.

The daughter of Joanne and Dougal James was a member of the St Mary’s RC Brownie Pack and is a dancer in the Arabesque Dance Company and a guitar player. She also likes to engage in sporting activities and participated in a number of track and field events at her school’s sports meet.

“[Extra-curricular activities] can help. You have to remember things. Like when you are at dancing, you have to remember your moves and like they can help you with your memory at school as well and also, with playing musical instruments,” the all-round student said.

While she is not sure what career she wishes to pursue in the future, James, who describes herself as energetic and fun, told SEARCHLIGHT that she aspires to either be a judge or a marine biologist.

James expects to attend the Girls’ High School in the new school year and expressed thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported her, particularly her parents, teacher, principal, family and God, most of all. (BK)