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Retired head teachers honoured at luncheon

Retired head teachers honoured at luncheon


“You are a teacher for life. Things are not coming to an end; things are just changing… channel your gifts, your abilities, [and] your influence into other areas.”

This was the parting advice handed out by senior education officer Morine Williams at an annual luncheon to honour retired primary school {{more}}head teachers.

The event took place at Young Island Resort last Tuesday, June 2, and was held to recognize the stellar efforts of past head teachers Godwin Gibson (Belmont Government School), Anita John (Brighton Methodist School), Mignan Walters (Colonarie Government School), St Elbert Walters (Sandy Bay Government School), Elna Michael (Fancy Government School), Sharon Ollivierre-Charles (Dickson Government School), Maureen Brackin (Kingstown Government School), Devon Ollivierre (Paget Farm Government School), Veronica Trotman (Calder Primary School), and Sydney Pereira (Park Hill Government School).

Addressing the retirees, Williams said: “Lives under your care would have been redirected, empowered, encouraged. Communities would have been altered because of the work that you would have done… you have touched eternity.”

She further congratulated the retirees on doing excellent work over the decades, and reminded them that retirement is not the end of their lives.

This was echoed by president of the Primary Head Teachers’ Council Yvette Antoine, who described them as having “dedicated their lives to shape and mold young minds.”

Antoine asserted that retirement does not signify the end of their proverbial books – simply that one chapter has ended, and another has begun.

“The other chapter begins with rest and relaxation!”

She also urged the retirees to volunteer some of their newly-acquired free time to helping out at their former schools.

Lauding the retirees on their contributions to their respective schools and communities, Antoine pointed out: “Being a head teacher is not a walk in the park. The responsibilities are many… The task was difficult but you did well.”

She also had advice for the current batch of head teachers – beseeching them to carry on the good work that the retirees had left behind.

“The baton has been passed on. What are we going to do with it? How are we going to run our leg of the race? What will be said of us when we are gone?”

Vice-president of the Head Teachers’ Council Joy Matthews also gave brief welcome remarks, encouraging the retirees to take the time to enjoy and delve into any pursuits that they have neglected over the years because of their head teacher duties.

“You’re at the stage where you can focus more on you and the things you wanted. Although you have fulfilled all your professional ambitions, please don’t go home and fade into oblivion – you still have a lot to offer.

“Your contributions to nation building can never be measured… Always remember that you have helped our nation to rise and soar.”(JSV)