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No unauthorized filming of Carnival shows at Park – CDC

No unauthorized filming of  Carnival shows at Park – CDC


Any unauthorized person caught filming shows put on by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) during Vincy Mas 2015 will be thrown out of the Victoria Park.

This warning came from chair of the CDC Dennis Ambrose, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week.{{more}}

“It is clearly a copyright violation, because that person can come to the park, film the show, and use it for commercial purposes. It is a CDC show and we have the copyright for all of its events. We can only allow cameras that are approved by us, which would be VC3, SVGTV and API,” Ambrose said.

Ambrose stated that once an unauthorized person is caught filming, he or she will be asked to stop filming and if they persist, they will be removed from the park.

In the past, Ambrose said the CDC has had to remove persons who were filming from the park, but most of the time when they ask persons to stop filming, they comply with the request.

At the official launch of Vincy Mas on May 2, the event’s master of ceremonies Johnny Straker ordered patrons filming the show, using their smartphones, to desist from doing so.

Ambrose acknowledged, when asked, that it would be impossible for the CDC to have absolute control.

“We are hoping that persons get the message. If a person is using their phone in the crowd, we won’t have full control over that because it will be a lot. But if a person comes in there and sets up a video camera and a tripod and starts to record the show, we will stop that.”

“We are being vigilant to apprehend any situation like that. It will be difficult to stop a person with their cell phone taking a video clip, but another person to come there and set up, you must have approval from the CDC,” he said.

Ambrose said the CDC is not applying something that is not law.

“It is law. You can’t take images of somebody’s event unless you have the authority of that promoter…. This is not a first time thing. It has been mentioned in the past,” he said.

He, however, said that journalists representing local newspapers also have permission to record the show, but he does not expect them to record the shows in their entirety.

“The newspapers are sanctioned by the CDC. Your media passes allow you in that controlled area where all the photographers are. So you are approved by the CDC.”

“In the past many persons used to come to Vincy Mas, go the shows and film the shows and make videos and sell them all in North America. We are just trying to address that,” Ambrose said.(KW)