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Arson suspected in fire that leaves family of six homeless

Arson suspected in fire that leaves family of six homeless


“I don’t know how me going start again. Everything wey me get, gone — money, everything!”

This was the lament of Nathaniel Butcher, a Vermont resident, whose home was ravaged by fire in the early hours of Sunday morning — which authorities suspect was arson.{{more}}

According to Butcher, he was sleeping at the residence when the smell of smoke woke him.

“Around minutes to two… I just feel fire and smoke surround me,” he recalled. “I jump up and bawl out ‘oh God help me; somebody killing me!’ I had to fling myself out the back window. Then a big fire start to explode in the house.”

Butcher, who owns a wholesale shop and is also a farmer, said that his four-bedroom house and adjoining shop burnt to the ground before the firefighters could reach his premises — where he has lived since he was born.

The 42-year-old said that although he has lost most of his life possessions — along with $5,000 in cash and $60,000 worth of merchandise — he is grateful that the rest of his family were not in the house at the time, as they may not have made it out unscathed.

Butcher resided at the Francois property with his brother, nephew, nephew’s girlfriend Kishniel Stephens and two small children.

Waiting on assistance from the Welfare Department, Butcher admitted that for now, he is stumped as to how he will get back on his feet. He also said that he has no idea who would want to set fire to his home.

“I don’t have any argument [with anyone]; me and people does move good,” he insisted. “But some of them does jealous how me start to raise up the business good.”

In the meantime, the family has split up and they are staying with various friends and relatives, until they can be reunited.

Inspector Hawkins Nanton, officer in charge of the Royal SVG Police Force Public Relations and Complaints Department, informed SEARCHLIGHT that although the matter is still being investigated, it is suspected that the fire was intentionally lit.(JSV)