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ULP draws large crowd at final convention before elections

ULP draws large crowd at final  convention before elections


Heeding the calls of party leaders, supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) turned out in their numbers Sunday, for the party’s final national convention before general elections.

The 15 constituencies were strongly represented, as diehard party supporters gathered at the Campden Park Secondary School, in a highly festive, {{more}}carnival-like atmosphere, under the theme “Labour: Great leadership, strong performance. Leh we go, four in a row.”

Departing from the usual procedure, the candidates selected to contest the general elections, due by December this year, with a grace period until March 2016, were publicly and officially approved as they were introduced to the general body.

Traditionally, the party introduces the candidates at the private session, which takes place later on convention day.

Each candidate used the opportunity to whip up his or her supporters, and called for an all hands on deck approach in preparation for election day.

Political leader and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who gave the feature address after he was introduced as the candidate for North Central Windward, told his supporters that he wanted to have a conversation on the politics of love.

“We are dealing with the politics of answers, not the politics of anger. I emphasize that we are dealing with the politics of solution; we have problems to solve, not the politics of grumbling and complaining; we have to reflect together with you on the politics of achievements, not the politics of rhetoric and rigmarole. We have to embrace the politics of faith, not the politics of fear.

“Today, I want us to be elevated with the politics of truth and mature reflections, not the politics of falsehoods and deceitful spirit….The ULP is about the politics of upliftment, not the politics of pulling down and bad talking St Vincent….”

As the country braces itself for the upcoming elections, Gonsalves urged his party supporters to remember the vision, programmes and policies of the party, as he comes closer to announcing the date for the dissolution of parliament, which is the forerunner to the elections.

“I want you to talk with your friends and family. I want you to talk with your neighbour.  I want you to show love and caring.

I want you not to get involved in anything ‘warisome’ in relation to this election. I want you to show love and care.

“The good Lord is speaking to me and he has led me to the date of dissolution of parliament … but as in all matters I have to continue to pray.”

Sunday’s national convention was considered to have the largest turnout of supporters to any such event since the party held its first convention 21 years ago.

The Unity Labour Party is seeking a fourth consecutive term in office, after taking government in March 2001.