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Family left devastated after man’s death in road accident

Family left devastated after man’s death in road accident


“We had a good relationship with him… we will miss him!”

Those were the words of Willa Browne, speaking about her brother Lennox Denzel Browne, who tragically lost his life on Easter Monday while travelling along the road leading to Brighton Salt Pond beach.{{more}}

According to a police report, Lennox, who resided at Belvedere, was riding his bicycle along the route when he ran off the road and collided with a tree stump. The impact of the collision drove part of the tree stump through the 45-year-old’s throat.

It is estimated that the accident occurred around 5 pm on Monday, April 6, with police pronouncing Lennox dead on the scene. The coroner ruled that the cause of death was internal bleeding.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Willa said that when she was informed of her brother’s death she was shocked and upset.

“I was frustrated; I was crying… Right about now my head is giving me a little pain but I am just trying to cope,” she lamented.

Willa also said that her mother Melina Browne is not reacting well to the loss.

“We are trying to cope with it as best as we can, but my mom is taking it on a lot.”

Willa’s daughter Cleyforna Browne said that her grandmother has been trying to keep busy to keep her mind off of the untimely death of her son, but that she is often overwhelmed by her grief – and often calls out for son, as though he is still alive.

Willa said that even though the family is devastated, they will all remember Lennox, who is originally from Georgetown, as a fun-loving man who liked to joke around. She said that he was very helpful to those in the community, and he worked diligently at his carpentry job.

“We all had a good relationship with him.”

Survived by several children, Lennox’s body is currently at the Eveready Funeral Home while his family organizes the funeral.

So far, there have been five fatal accidents for 2015, resulting in 11 deaths.