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Camillo predicts big win

Camillo predicts big win


Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate for the East St George constituency, Camillo Gonsalves, is predicting a landslide victory in favour of his party when the next general elections are called.

Gonsalves, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Information Technology said last Saturday night during the ULP’s celebration {{more}}of their 14th anniversary in office, that he wants to serve the people of the constituency and by extension St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Addressing the large crowd at the Calliaqua Playing Field in the East St George constituency, the first time candidate said that he is not competing against New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for the constituency Linton Lewis, since Lewis has been rejected by the people in the constituency on two occasions.

“Some people ask me if I am running against Linton Lewis… and my answer to that is no, because for me to compete against him, he would have to have something that I want; for me to compete against him, he would have to have something that I strive to be, but all he has is his losing record and I don’t want that and I ain’t competing against him for that.

“I am running for the opportunity to represent and serve the people of East St George and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I am running for the opportunity to ensure that Ralph Gonsalves remains the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I’m running for the opportunity to strengthen and advance the good works that we are celebrating today; I am running for and I am running four,” Gonsalves said, referring to the party’s bid for a fourth term in office.

The former United Nations Ambassador said that if the electorate were honest and were to consider what they are receiving form the incumbent leadership, as compared to what is being offered by the Opposition, the elections, which must be held no later than March 2016, would be won by the ULP in a landslide fashion.

He pointed out that the leadership of his father, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, is the greatest asset of the party; that the prime minister makes himself available to individuals and that this country’s prime minister is the best in the region.

“In many ways, when we think about this election upcoming, we would be confronted with the same question that you have confronted since 2001.

“Imagine yourself as an individual in trouble. Imagine that a flood has washed away your house because of a natural disaster, and imagine there are two doors in front of you, one says ‘Ralph’ and one says ‘Arnhim’ [Eustace, opposition leader] and you need a house, which door you going to knock on?

“Imagine your child or you need a scholarship to study overseas and one door says ‘Arnhim’ and one door says ‘Ralph’ which door will you knock on?

“Imagine there is an economic crisis around the world and you are afraid that you are going to lose your job or need a job, you going to knock on the ‘Arnhim’ door or the ‘Ralph Gonsalves’ door. Imagine you just want to talk to somebody; to reason with them, to sit down at the rum shop and lime; which door you are going to knock on, Arnhim Eustace or Ralph Gonsalves?

“Comrades when you face the ballot box and the ballot paper, which ever constituency you are in, ask yuhself that question” ‘Am I as an individual better off with Arnhim Eustace as my leader or with Ralph Gonsalves as my leader?’

“If you ask yourself that question and you answer it honestly, this election is a landslide….”

“When the region has problems they say call Comrade Ralph….This is why you have to pat yourself on the back for voting the ULP.

“We cannot crumble and stumble, we have to focus on what is good and what is right in this country. We are either going to consolidate all the good works of the ULP or we are going to throw it away.”

The younger Gonsalves’ sentiments were echoed by the other speakers who came to the podium on the night to address the supporters.

Representative for South Central Windward and Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar also called on the voters to remain focused in the wake of the impending general elections, so too did returning candidate for Central Leeward and former deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker.

Newcomer Carlos James, candidate for North Leeward, along with some of the veterans including outgoing East St George representative Clayton Burgin, called on their supporters to “keep the fire burning” for the ULP in the upcoming elections.