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Restaurateur questions treatment of mother at senior citizens’ home

Restaurateur questions treatment of mother at senior citizens’ home


Restaurateur, Yvonne Thomas is questioning the quality of care provided by local senior citizens’ homes, after her mother sustained an injury to her right hand while in the care of the Thompson Home.

Thomas visited the SEARCHLIGHT on Monday to express her displeasure with the Thompson Home, where her mother, Muriel Yearwood,{{more}} has been a resident for the past two years.

According to the Stoplight restaurant owner, she was advised by a relative one week ago on March 19 to visit her mother, because her right hand seemed to be swollen. She said that when she went, she took a pack of adult diapers with her and on arrival, she exchanged greetings with the nurse in charge, Sister Browne.

Thomas told SEARCHLIGHT that as soon as she entered her mother’s room, her mother told her about the injury.

The concerned daughter said that she observed that her mother’s hand was swollen and that someone seemed to have put something on the hand to help bring down the swelling.

Thomas said she returned downstairs and questioned the head nurse about what had happened to her mother’s hand.

She said Browne denied knowing anything about the injury. However, when they both went to the room, Thomas said that Browne told her that the president of the Thompson Home, Annelle Thomas had been called to come to speak with her with regard to the incident.

“I say but you just told me down there that you don’t know anything. How can you call Mrs Thomas to talk to me when you say you don’t know what happen to my mother hand?” the restaurateur questioned.

“She (Browne) said ‘Miss Phillips went to bathe your mother in the bath and your mother go to pelt a lash after Miss Phillips and your mother hand catch the wall’.”

Thomas explained that she took Yearwood to a doctor that afternoon, where an x-ray of the hand was done.

Following the doctor’s visit, she returned with her mother to the Thompson Home. According to Thomas, she was just leaving when she saw the woman that Browne said was bathing her mother when the injury occured.

“She said ‘I take your mother to bathe … and I bring her back in the room. When I bend down to pick up a pamper and your mother go to hit me and I grabble her like this, at the wrist and I hold her hand tight’,” Thomas revealed, stating that the woman said nothing had happened in the shower, as Browne had said.

“Five days today (Monday) and nobody is saying anything to me. I want answers as to what happened to my mother’s hand. I am paying $1200 a month to keep my mother. Every day I’m sending my mother lunch.

The upset daughter said that she informed the police about the matter but when the officers arrived, Browne did not allow her to be in the office when they were speaking about the matter.

Thomas said she is of the view that the truth is being hidden from her.

“You think my mother could pelt a hard blow to damage her own hand?” asks Thomas.

Thomas told SEARCHLIGHT that she has called the president and a member of the board, however neither one has been able to provide her with the answers that she needs.

The xrays revealed that Yearwood’s right hand was fractured and needed to be placed in a cast.

Thomas stated that in the past, her mother, who she admits is senile as a result of a previous health issue, had complained about what happens if she refused to eat her food. She also said that when she took her mother home for Christmas 2014, the 82-year-old’s toe nails were very long, her hair smelled bad and there was dirt in her ears and between her toes.

On Monday afternoon, shortly after her interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Thomas said she was served with a letter from the president of the Thompson Home, ordering her to remove her mother from the home with immediate effect.

The letter, signed by president Annelle Thomas read: “Over the years, Ms Yearwood has continued to behave aggressively, rudely…to both staff and other residents. Even with medication, she continues to show aggressive and violent behaviour.”

“Giving her a bath is fraught with danger as she strikes out and spits on the staff and screams… Ms Yearwood has on several occasions struck, spat upon…staff… Because of the training and professionalism of our staff, everything has been done to make your mother happy and to take care of her with dignity, respect and patience, even under very difficult circumstances.

“The Thompson Home has been in operation for over one hundred and ten years and has lived up to our reputation as a caring and well run non-profit home for the aged. There are many, many who will attest to this,” Annelle Thomas said in her letter.

The letter further stated that Yvonne Thomas and other family members have attempted to bring disrepute to the establishment as well as circumvent regulations and policy of the Home.

“You have made verbal accusations in public about the alleged ill treatment of your mother at the Home… In light of your actions and the scandalous remarks you have been making in public about the Home, we have no alternative but to ask you to remove your mother from the Home with immediate effect.”

The Thompson Home president declined our invitation to comment.

Up to press time, Yearwood was still a resident of the Thompson Home.