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Fife drops out of race for candidacy

Fife drops out of race for candidacy


Former Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate for West Kingstown Michelle Fife has dropped out of the race to secure candidacy for the party in the upcoming general elections.

According to a usually reliable source, Fife has bowed out, leaving the field wide open for teacher Deborah Charles.{{more}} In September 2014, Charles declared her interest in contesting the West Kingstown seat in the next general elections on a ULP ticket.

When Fife contested the 2010 elections, she came up against the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Daniel Cummings, but was only able to secure 1,940 votes to Cummings’ 2,541.

General secretary for the ULP Julian Francis, when contacted, said the names of all the party’s candidates to contest the next general elections will be declared at the close of the party’s national convention, scheduled for April 19.

When contacted on Wednesday, Fife declined to confirm that she had dropped out and offered no further comment.