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Students learn how to manage money

Students learn how to manage money


Students of the CW Prescod Primary School last week received lessons in money management, compliments the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).

The grade four students were part of the bank’s Primary Schools Mentorship Programme, dubbed “ECCB Adopt-A-Class,” {{more}}which exposes the youngsters to financial issues at an early age.

Over the length of the programme, the students will discuss topics such as The EC Dollar and Me, Money Matters, My Choices, Budgeting, and Saving for the Future.

The intention is that by the end of the course, students should know the definition of money, be able to identify the countries that make up the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), determine the benefits of saving, appreciate the importance of making choices and differentiate the difference between need and wants, among other financial life skills.

Apart from the discussions, the students were also involved in various activities.

Last week, Danny-Lee Francis, senior marketing officer at GECCU, gave the students valuable lessons in money and its uses.

The excited and attentive students were taught to identify various forms of money, and were able to determine ways in which money can be obtained.