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$164,000 lotto jackpot winner collects prize

$164,000 lotto jackpot winner collects prize


For the first time since all taxes were removed from National Lottery winnings, one lucky person has hit the jackpot.

On behalf of her common-law husband, Shelly McFee collected $164,000 from the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) on Wednesday, for a ticket that was bought for the February 20,{{more}} 2015 draw.

“I feeling real good that my boyfriend win the jackpot,” McFee told reporters.

“The money have plenty use, because my husband have his house to build and we will use some of the money to get married and other things.”

While explaining how he came about the winning ticket, which was bought at the Sion Hill Sports Club, Arnold George stated that he had already spent $60 between Play 4 and 3D, when he decided to buy two quick pick lotto tickets.

However, it was not until Monday, when he went to check his tickets, that he realized he had won the jackpot.

“From since 3D start, and Lotto, I playing ever since. I playing all the games,” the Town Hill resident said. “A hardworking man like me deserves good sometimes.”

George, who has been employed at the Public Health Department for 28 years, revealed that he has been in a relationship with McFee for 12 years. He said before winning the jackpot, they had already begun to make wedding plans for this August, on the same day their daughter would celebrate her 10th birthday.

Chief executive officer of the NLA McGregor Sealey congratulated the jackpot winner and encouraged the couple to invest carefully.

“From my vantage point in the national lottery, I have seen persons winning more than this money and today there is nothing to show for it. I want to urge you to use this money wisely. I heard your husband-to-be say it is part of your wedding present and I want you to invest some of your money into your children’s education,” Sealey said.

The winning ticket numbers were 7, 19, 26, 34 and 36.

As of November 1, 2014, taxes charged on winnings of all games from the NLA were removed. Before that time, winnings in excess of $400 were taxed at a rate of 10 per cent.(BK)