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Thomas cops award for Sports Journalist of the Year 2014

Thomas cops award for Sports Journalist of the Year 2014


For the fifth time in his 17-year career, SEARCHLIGHT sports reporter Rohan Thomas has walked away from the National Sports Awards with the approval of his peers and the accolade of Sports Journalist of the Year 2014.

Thomas, who is also a teacher at the CW Prescod Primary School, scooped the award over {{more}}the other shortlisted nominees at the annual event, which took place last Saturday, February 7, at the Spring Gardens, Spromg Estate Estate.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Thomas said that whilst he appreciates the award and the accompanying recognition, his goal has never been to win awards, but rather, carry out his journalistic pursuits to the best of his capability.

“To me, this is a significant thing but… my work is more important in terms of reaching the people I want to,” he admitted. “It doesn’t change me one way or the other… I love doing the work!”

Thomas previously won the title in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, but was pipped to the post by Glenford Prescott at the 2013 awards (there were no awards ceremonies in 2011 and 2012).

Julian Burgin, chairman of the National Sports Awards committee, explained that Thomas was selected as the winner by a panel of judges who gathered information regarding those who had been submitted for the award.

“He was adjudged to be the person who was out there the most, and had a variety of articles that gave the best analyses,” said Burgin.

Describing Thomas as “very dedicated”, Burgin also pointed out that this year’s winner has never given up on his career as a sports journalist – which is to be admired.

“He has been consistent… not one to shirk from any responsibility to report truthfully and fairly!”

In addition to his sports reporting and weekly sports column, Thomas is affiliated with several sports associations, teams and leagues within his community, as well as on the national level.

SEARCHLIGHT congratulates Thomas on winning Sports Journalist of the Year 2014, and wishes him many more to come.