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Antrobus and Durrant put wheels in motion

Antrobus and Durrant put wheels in motion


Lucky Antrobus and Peter Durrant have broken away from the pack and have already established a lead in the 2015 racing calendar of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union.

Both trumped in their respective categories last Sunday in the 20-mile event, staged from Howard’s Marine in Vila Flat to the Arnos Vale {{more}}round-about, returning to Diamond on the south east coast, ending at the starting point.

Antrobus and Durrant crossed the finish line at the same time, both clocking 57 minutes 0.44 seconds.

Antrobus thereby won the Under-40 (category one) and Durrant, the Over-40, for category two cyclists.

Trailing them was Zefal Bailey, who placed second in category one in a time of 57 minutes 0.67 seconds.

The other two places in category one were Randy Wilkinson (57 minutes 1.37 seconds) and fourth – Emeron Lewis in 57 minutes 9.31 seconds.

Placing second in category two was Steve Ollivierre in a time of 62 minutes 5.71seconds and third — Orel Glasgow, whose time was 64 minutes 11.79 seconds.

Newcomer to road racing Quasim Thomas scooped the Mountain Bike category in 36 minutes 46 seconds. Second was Samuel Lyttle in 37 minutes 14 seconds and third- Heamic Byron in a time of 38 minutes 6 seconds.

And, Neisha Alexander was the lone competitor in the female category. Alexander’s time was 38 minutes 25 seconds.

Alexander and the Mountain Bikers were required to complete one lap of the course – 10 miles.

The next event takes place February 14.(RT)