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Staff members of Prime Minister’s Office launch gospel CD

Staff members of Prime Minister’s Office launch gospel CD


‘Voices of Praise’ echoed through the Cabinet Room on Tuesday, as the family members of victims of the Rock Gutter tragedy were serenaded with locally produced gospel tunes.

This week, a choir comprising staff members of the Office of the Prime Minister, called ‘Voices of Praise’,{{more}} launched a gospel CD, dubbed ‘Healer’, which they dedicated to the family members of the victims.

While the CD, which will be available to the public for a minimum contribution of $20, was not initially created because of the accident that took place on January 12, the choir saw it fit to be of assistance to the families in this particular way.

“We want to thank you for the contributions that you are going to make towards this CD, so that we can be of benefit and assist those who really are in need this morning, especially those who were affected by that accident; we pray that God will continue to strengthen you as you listen to the songs. May [the CD] bring a healing to you and touch your lives for the better of the country,” said choir leader, Roxanne James.

James also thanked God and all the other persons who made the production possible. She made special mention of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who was said to be the promoter of the group.

“This morning, on behalf of the group, ‘Voices of Praise’, I just want to say thanks to the honourable Prime Minister, who saw the vision and who pushed us and motivated us to make this vision a fruition this morning. We also want to thank ACP Samson and the police band group, who worked really hard with us. We made a lot of sacrifices during our lunch period, sometimes on weekend, we went to work to accomplish this CD,” she said.

In his address at the event, the Prime Minister revealed how proud he was of the seven-member female choir and added that although the CD was not produced with a flashy appearance, a lot of effort went into the creation.

Throughout the event, ‘Voices of Praise’ rendered some of their original and other well-known gospel songs.

Some of the family members present at the event were observed openly weeping, which touched the hearts of many others in attendance, who were also observed wiping tears from their eyes.

Glenroy Michael, who lost his son in the accident, thanked persons for the support that they have been giving to him and the other families.

MIchael, a police officer in the Antiguan police force, said that he had come to visit in December and had only travelled back to Antigua on January 10, the Saturday before the accident took place.

“It is really tough. I must say that I’m really thankful for the support so far. I’m trying to keep strong,” he said.(BK)