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New ‘heights’ for nightlife in SVG

New ‘heights’ for nightlife in SVG


Nightlife in St Vincent and the Grenadines has received a much-needed boost with the launch of a new club in Kingstown.

On Saturday, September 20, partygoers turned out in their hundreds to celebrate the opening of Club Heights on Grenville Street, which is owned by Michael ‘Cat’ Richards and managed by Andano ‘Small Meech’ Coombs.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Coombs – who is the face of IKTV’s popular ‘Swing’ programme – said he was very pleased with the turnout at the establishment’s inaugural event.

“We were so humbled by the tremendous support on opening night!” he enthused.

“Our formula is very simple – we have an open space that will take you on a serious roller coaster ride via mood lighting. With Cat and I, lights and heights go hand in hand.”

Coombs said that the inspiration for the club’s name came when he and Richards reflected on what they have already achieved and where they are headed in life.

“Club Heights… fits us like a glove!”

Acknolwedging that many clubs have failed over the years, Coombs said that the success of Club Heights is “up to the Most High”, and that patrons can expect a lot from the establishment as time goes by.

“We put what patrons can expect in our brand mantra – ‘peace, love, heights’,” he explained.

Club Heights offers a partying experience that is a step above the ordinary, with in-house hostesses, an ‘inner circle’ programme, a mobile alert system, colour coded VIP membership cards and free on the hour alcohol shots.

Additionally, patrons can look forward to the Grab & Go Kitchen, which will feature CJ’s Chicken; surprise drink prices; and a “very sexy” VIP area for that added club experience.

This Saturday, the club will host a ‘Heights, Gold and Green’ party, and management is encouraging the public to attend – appealing to patrons (especially the women) to keep their dress code “snazzy.”

“This is your excuse to put on those heels you bought six months ago that are sitting in your closet because you think they’re too high!”(JSV)