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Institute for teaching of English to be set up in SVG

Institute for teaching of English to be set up in SVG


The foundation is currently being laid for this country to become a leading destination for people wishing to learn English as a second language.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves announced on Monday during a press conference, that paperwork is currently being drawn up, which would pave the way for 200 educators from the Republic {{more}}of Ecuador to travel here to learn English, as early as January next year.

“Remember I said I discussed the issue of St Vincent and the Grenadines providing opportunities to teach Ecuadorian teachers English, as a second language.

“I came back, I put things in motion; we have now a memorandum being worked out… I advised that we set up an institute for the teaching of English language within the framework of the Community College, and the Community College is entering on behalf of the Government, an agreement with the relevant authorities in Ecuador.”

Gonsalves said that a team from the South American nation has already visited, and that an English language institute is being established, under the title “Go Teacher.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that educators here will be paid to teach the Ecuadorians, and would provide a service which Gonsalves said would be cheaper and just as good quality as what is currently being provided to the Ecuadorians in Kansas, United States.

Gonsalves also said that interest has also been expressed by Chile and Venezuela for their students to come to St Vincent and the Grenadines to be taught the English language.

These plans, he said, are in their early stages.

“We can teach English language you know. We have spent the money training teachers in education, in English…. We have the facilities at the Community College.

“We are building the facilities and we have to turn those facilities to use.

The teachers will make a little more money, the Community College will make some money, and while I still have to give the Community College the 12.5 million dollars for their subvention annually, if they earn a million or two million… they can make extra money for themselves to do things which they want to expand, and this all for the good of the country.”