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Miss SVG pageant more than an educational opportunity – Contestants

Miss SVG pageant more than an educational opportunity – Contestants


Despite still fine-tuning their talents, polishing their speeches and practising good posture, the eight contestants in the Miss SVG 2014 pageant are all of one mind that they are ready for the show on the night of May 31.{{more}}

At a “meet the media” session, which took place at Young Island on Saturday, May 10, SEARCHLIGHT got a chance to chat with the bevy of beauties.

As the photographers snapped away, at times jostling for the best position to capture the perfect shot, the contestants put on their best smiles and poses. After being photographed, the young Vincentian women, who hail from around the country, were interviewed by members from various media houses across the country.

24-year-old Richland Park resident, Miss Metrocint General Insurance Company Ltd Selis Blair said she has been anticipating entry into the pageant for quite a number of years, but wanted to make sure that she was ready.

“This year, I said to myself that it was time. I am ready to take my education to a next level, but being a part of the Miss SVG pageant here, during the preparations, I am realizing that it is much more than grabbing an educational opportunity,” she said.

Blair added that entering such a pageant gives young women the opportunity to form their character and build personality. A member of the Mije Modelling Agency, Blair, who is entering her first pageant, said the preparations for the show have been “intense,” but stated that “nothing good comes easy.”

“This is something I aspire for, so I am preparing myself for the challenges…”

When asked what prompted her to enter the Miss SVG pageant, Miss Lotto, Jamilla Neverson, did not hesitate to give the university scholarship as the main reason.

The 23-year-old front office agent at the Buccament Bay Resort said while the scholarship is the main goal, she has also learnt that the show is about developing young women.

“I just wanted to enter so that I could develop myself more and thus far, I can say that is happening. I have gained more confidence and my self-esteem has been boosted,” Neverson, who is a first-time contestant in any beauty pageant, said.

Stating that preparation for the show has been “hectic,” Neverson said she now has a lot of respect for time, as she has had to learn how to manage her time wisely.

On May 31, Jamilla is promising Vincentians nothing less than “dazzling beauty, brilliance and passion.”

Just like Neverson, Miss Mustique Company Ltd Karla Gellizeau said the main motivating factor prompting her to enter the pageant is the lure of a university scholarship.

The Edinboro resident further stated that such a show affords her the platform to speak on social ills that might be affecting St Vincent and the Grenadines. Gellizeau, who also said it has been hectic leading up to the show, stated that she is determined and is learning how to balance a lot of things. The well-poised lass promises Vincentians a consistent performance, one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Having entered a number of pageants in the past, Gellizeau said she thinks her determination sets her apart from her competitors.

While Miss Super 6 Vanika Hope seemed a bit shy, the 22-year-old Chateaubelair resident said she always had a passion to take part in anything that was prestigious, hence her reason for entering the show.

“I observe anything that is prestigious and I have desires to do anything that is prestigious,” Hope said.

Eyeing a career in the field of psychology once she secures the crown and the university scholarship, Hope said she is determined and confident about achieving her goal.

Coming into the show with a wealth of experience in pageantry, l Continued from Back Page

Miss Agricultural Input Warehouse Shackell Bobb said despite having entered five previous pageants, the Miss SVG pageant has always been at the top of her list.

Bobb has entered pageants such as Miss Bequia, Miss Easterval, Miss Rural SVG, Miss Unity Youths, and Miss P’Tani, where she was crowned queen.

The soft-spoken 21-year-old Kingstown resident said all the girls have been going through rigorous exercises to get their bodies toned and well conditioned.

Patrons should come the show with prepared taste buds, as Bobb stated that she has a “special recipe” for that night.

“Persons should just come out to see what I have in store for them and to see what sets me apart from my other competitors,” said Bobb, who aspires to become a lawyer.

Being bold with her words, Miss LIME Shadeisha George declared that she has what it takes to become Miss SVG 2014.

“I have the composure. I genuinely love my country and with that love, I could be of service in a way that is energetic. In a way that channels people to do the same,” she stated.

The Lowman’s Hill resident and employee of the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines, who is entering her first ever pageant, said it was the encouragement from her friends over the years that finally drove her to enter the prestigious show.

“Apart from that, there is this need for self-development. This need where I get to be of service to my country like never before. Miss SVG places me on a platform to influence and to be of change and that is what I wish to do,” the slender beauty said.

Miss Bequia Beach Hotel, Tatiana Lespierre, who hails from the Grenadine isle of Bequia, says entering her first major pageant has been demanding, but stated that it has served as a learning experience for her.

“It has been intense and I think it will be worth it in the end. It is a learning experience for me,” she said.

Unlike some of the other contestants who stated that the scholarship was their main reason for entering the show, Lespierre told SEARCHLIGHT that for her, it was the chance to gain exposure to not only St Vincent and the Grenadines, but other regional and international viewers.

“It is a great opportunity to showcase your creative self and also it encourages you to become a well-rounded and more confident person,” said the young woman who described herself as a shy individual.

Hailing from the North Windward Community of Sandy Bay, Miss Imperial Optical Inc. Fellisa Baptiste wants to be a role model, not only for the young people of her community, but of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I want to give them somebody to look up to as a role model of strong values, high standards. I want to challenge them to even be better than… I also want to be an ambassador for this country and Miss SVG is the perfect platform,” the future entrepreneur said.

Baptiste, who is currently in her final year at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College: Division of Technical and Vocational Education, pursuing an Applied Associate Degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Sales and Marketing, said she is eagerly anticipating the show and promises “nothing but the best” on May 31. (KW)