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Toddler dies in house fire at Rose Place

Toddler dies in house fire at Rose Place


Petri-Ann John, the mother of the child who perished in a house fire in the early hours of Saturday morning, is currently in police custody, assisting with investigations.{{more}}

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) Assistant Superintendent Sydney James told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that the body of two-year-old Romano Cupid was removed from a burnt out wooden dwelling, at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday, May 3, at Rose Place.

James also said that John, 38, left her home shortly after 12 midnight to purchase something to eat – leaving the child at home alone.

Around 1:45 a.m., she was contacted and informed that her one-room dwelling was on fire.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the scene of the fire on Saturday, persons who live in the same yard as the burnt dwelling were observed walking and sifting through the charred remains of the house.

Heather Robinson, one occupant of the yard, said she was at home when her neighbour woke her, stating that there was a fire taking place.

“When I approach the door, I see the fire. So, I take a bucket of water and I dash it, but the fire was too much. I bawled out that Romano dey pon fire, Romano dey pon fire…,” Robinson said.

Robinson stated that she ran to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and alerted persons there as to what was taking place.

“After I do that, I also alerted other persons around the area and they started to cry and so…,” she said.

According to Robinson, John would usually inform other persons in the yard when she was going out, so that they could watch her child.

“That night dey, she ain’t tell nobody nothing. I don’t understand… If she been say something, we woulda look out for the youth,” said Robinson.

Robinson and other persons who had gathered around during the interview all expressed sympathy at the child’s passing. Some, who wished not to be named, spoke of how loving and full of energy the child was.

“Is like he been all ah we son. We just used to look out for him,” one woman said.

Another occupant of the yard, Ava Charles, said while in her house, she heard what sounded like bottles exploding in the yard.

“I look out and see a big blazing of fire. I had to run out with my baby fast, because is just like the fire was coming over to us… I feel so sorry because the kid rear up around me and I love him,” she said.

Charles stated that Romano always played with her young daughter, who he would often often kiss and hug.

“That is really sad. He didn’t deserve this at all,” she said.

Sharon “Thug” Nichols, who often took care of Romano when his mother left home, said she used to see to the child’s every need.

“I used to make sure that child get three square meals. Even if the mother give me or she did not give me any money, I still used to look after the boy. If the youth been dey by me, this thing wouldn’t happen,” she said.

Nicholls also said when John wanted to leave home, she would inform persons that she was doing so.

“She coulda leave the baby by me. I didn’t care how late it was. She coulda leave the child with me. Nobody na know where she go…,” Nichols said.

Since the incident, Nichols said she has not been able to eat or sleep properly.

“It come like he was my baby. I go miss da youth dey. I go miss him,” she said.

A post mortem is expected to be carried out on the child’s body to determine the cause of death.(KW)