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Biabou man killed, buried in shallow grave near home

Biabou man killed, buried in shallow grave near home


On any given Sunday, Calvin Jacobs would be at the home of his sister Rosalee, where he would have his Sunday meal, collect his portion of freshly baked bread, and have his laundry done.{{more}}

On Sunday, May 4, however, Rosalee and the rest of the household at Plan Village, Biabou, were in sombre mood, because Jacobs, also known as “Jari” and “Sagga” was no longer with them.

He had been killed.

The 56-year-old’s body had been discovered two days before, just feet from his home at Top Hill, Biabou, in a shallow grave, with his throat cut.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT through tears, Rosalee said that the family was devastated by the fact that such a gentle man had been slain, and more hurt because it is alleged that his life was taken by another close relative.

“It’s hard. It’s so hard. He was my only brother and we are going to miss him. I would never imagine it would come to this,” Rosalee said as tears ran down her cheeks.

Rosalee said she had last seen her brother the Sunday before, and was looking forward to seeing and talking to him again; but that was not to be.

Her daughter Denise Jacobs told SEARCHLIGHT that she spoke briefly with her uncle just hours before he is believed to have been killed.

She said that she spoke to Calvin about 20 minutes before eight on Thursday night, as she was making her way home.

“The last time I saw him was when I was at Top Hill. I was coming down and I call out to him and he had just got his bath and was going inside the house…. Then he told me when he come over Sunday for he lunch, he go want a Breeze bucket, and I say no problem.

“And he say ‘if anybody interfere with you on your way home don’t be afraid to call me,’ and that was the last I see and heard from him.

“It was about quarter to five on Friday my nephew come and told me that he heard people crying ‘oh God, help Jari, and my sister sent him to hold my little nephew so I can go over there, and then between the space of ten minutes I got a call saying that he is dead, and I was out (fainted) when I heard that he was dead.”

Denise said that Calvin, a mason by profession, never had any issues with anyone, although from time to time he would complain of problems with the relative who is alleged to have killed him.

“They had a good relationship sometimes, but sometimes he would complain that he (the relative) throw away his stuff and I told him if it’s so often he must go to the police, but he say… he don’t want to do nothing to him….. I don’t know what would cause him (the relative) to go to that extent,” Denise said.

Jacobs, a father of three, lived at Top Hill with his only son.

Police on Monday charged 24-year-old Calvin Johnson, also of Biabou for Jacobs’ death. Johnson is Jacobs’ son.