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Man claims he was struck by cop in face with brick at police station

Man claims he was struck by cop in face with brick at police station


Peruvian Vale resident Jeffrey Shallow says he is still in pain after he was struck with a brick in his face at a police station, allegedly by a police officer.{{more}}

With a swollen and scarred forehead, Shallow related his ordeal to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

According to Shallow, on April 27, he journeyed to Sandy Bay in his vehicle to assist a friend with some work. He said he left Sandy Bay at about midnight and while driving through Georgetown, close to the playing field, his ordeal commenced.

“I saw a light coming up towards me. The light from the other vehicle was so bright that I had to slow down. When I slow down, the vehicle still pass close to me and hit my mirror,” Shallow told SEARCHLIGHT.

When he realized that his vehicle mirror had been struck, Shallow said he brought his vehicle to a stop to see if the other vehicle would do likewise.

“It stop a good distance away. It reverse and when he come back, the driver ask me what is the scene? So, I told him that he just broke my mirror. He tell me is I hit his vehicle and I told him, if I hit him, then call the police,” Shallow added.

According to Shallow, there was another man in the front passenger seat who shouted “We are the police.”

Shallow said he was never shown any identification to confirm who the men were.

“It been four ah dem in the vehicle. Two girls were in the back. The guy on the passenger side came out and he told me he woulda deal with me if it was his car,” Shallow said.

“I said, well if I hit your car as you said, then call the police. He argue with me and then he just come and box me in my face,” Shallow said.

Shallow stated that he went back to his vehicle, retrieved a knife and rushed at the man who had punched him.

“I tek it (the knife) and rushed at him, because I see the two of them and I know I go have to defend myself somehow,” he added.

He stated that after he pulled the knife, he engaged in a cat and mouse chase around his attacker’s car.

“The driver start the car and drive off and the one who been running around the car, run and hop in the car and drive go up the road. After that, I turn back my car and chase them, because I been saying dem can’t be police,” Shallow said.

He related that the vehicle he was pursuing stopped in the area of the post office. He said he then parked his vehicle in front of the men’s car, blocking them from moving.

“Soon as I came out my car, the driver jump out his car and run like he been going town side and the other one run up in the post office area… I now go and try take out the key out the ignition, so I could try identify them, because the car did not have on a number plate..,” Shallow related.

However, Shallow said the key was not there, but said he saw two cellular phones and a pair of slippers, which he carried to the Georgetown Police Station.

“While I’m in the station talking to a police officer, the same one who boxed me come from behind, twist me and lash me in me face with a piece of block,” Shallow stated.

Shallow said while he was trying to fend off his attacker, the police he was speaking with pushed him away.

“Piece ah the blocks drop and break so I try to take up it to hit him back because I say this can’t be police and fighting me so…. The police I was talking to push me and told me to drop the stone before he shoot me…,” Shallow recounted.

Shallow said he refused to drop the stone and backed towards the main door of the station. At that time, he said the officer “cranked” his service weapon and again told him he would shoot him.

Shallow stated that another police officer, whom he knows personally, came to him and asked what had taken place. He stated that while speaking, his attacker was still trying to get at him.

“I tell you, man. I cry because them things never happen to me. I don’t make trouble with people,” Shallow said.

He said when he returned to the station later that day at the request of a high-ranking woman police officer, whom he referred to as “Inspector Francis,” he asked if the two men from the car were indeed police officers.

“I was told that they are police officers, but they don’t want to give me their names. If I see them, I could identify them. I asked another police officer and I was told that the one who hit me in my face working in Georgetown and the other one working in town…

“She (Inspector Francis) say, oh is you name Jeffrey Shallow, who brutally attacked and tried to kill the police dem. I ask she, that is what they told you? If I came in the station to attack them, they ain’t suppose to arrest me?” Shallow said he asked.

Shallow said he was told that the men stated that after they hit his car, they came to settle the matter, but he pulled a knife and chased them.

He has since filed a complaint with the police Public Relations Department, which was confirmed when SEARCHLIGHT contacted police officers there.

Shallow says he has to have X-rays to determine the cause of immense pain he is currently experiencing.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Stenelia Francis of the Georgetown Police Station, when contacted, said she has heard about the allegations.

While declining to speak in much detail on the matter, Francis stated that she has also heard that the two men against whom the allegations are made are police officers, but stated that they do not work with her.

Attorney Ronald Marks, who is looking after Shallow’s interest, said the police have not charged Shallow for any crime.

He said he found the man’s story most surprising.

“I shudder to think that somebody could be so lawless to go and attack a citizen in the police station and that person is actually a police. There are a lot of questions that he needs answers to. Who assaulted him? But the most heinous act of striking somebody in the face with a block inside a police station. That is complete lawlessness,” Marks said.