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Passenger van overturns injuring young footballers

Passenger van  overturns injuring young  footballers


President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation Venold Coombs is hoping for the speedy recovery of the footballers and coach injured during a traffic accident on the weekend.{{more}}

Coombs told SEARCHLIGHT that members of the Federation has been at the side of the players and parents, since learning of the near fatal incident that took place on the Argyle main road last week Saturday.

“We have been visiting them quite often. We have been providing things for them to eat, and we have been involved with them. We have asked them if they need any further help just let us know,” the federation president said.

Three of the Under-13 footballers remain hospitalized as police investigations continue.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that young Jaldean Lewis, a member of the Owia Under-13 football squad, had his left hand amputated at the wrist by doctors, shortly after the vehicle he was riding in overturned on the Argyle main road last week Saturday.

Lewis’ cousin Adrian Lavia, also a member of the team, suffered a shattered left elbow and severe injury to his left knee, while another player, Deacon Bowens sustained injuries to his left hand and left side of his face.

The boys were three of the 16 players who were injured in the accident that took place about 4:30 p.m.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that other team members, including coach Dwight Baptiste, also suffered injuries, and were treated and released.

According to reports, the boys had finished participating in the national Under-13 tournament, where they defeated Layou and had drawn with Barrouallie, and were on their way home, when another a vehicle, R1078, driven by Junior Simon of Calder, collided with the van they were travelling in, HE851, driven by Reynold Castello of Owia.

The van overturned, causing the injuries to the passengers, while one passenger in the other vehicle suffered injuries to his right foot.

One family member of a player said that lives could have been lost, if coach Baptiste had not saved players from being ejected from the van as it tumbled.

Coombs said that he is optimistic that the team would be able to continue in the competition, since they were performing exceptionally. He said that the competition could be used as therapy for the youngsters who were traumatized by the ordeal.

“I hope they would continue in the competition; they are doing well in the competition, so I guess they would regroup and still continue.

“It’s is a big disappointment and perhaps a setback, but it should not prevent them from continuing,” Coombs said.