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Death giving village bad name – residents

Death giving village bad name –  residents


Persons living in and around the area where the body of Rillan Hill resident Miranda Williams was recovered have expressed some concern about the safety of their surroundings.{{more}}

Last Saturday, the body of Williams was found in the Vermont area, with a bullet wound to the chest. According to reports, the 34-year-old woman was shot around 10:50 p.m. on Friday night.

Since the body was recovered, residents have opined that their neighbourhood will be viewed differently.

While speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, one resident stated that she had heard the gunshot, but was not sure what it was at first.

“We didn’t take it serious. Me just say well is them boy and dem,” the villager said.

However, she added that because the road is very lonely, persons may become scared to walk alone at night.

“The van and them say they not taking no chances. It’s a lonely road,” she said. “Everybody saying that people giving Vermont bad name. Vermont is not a criminal [or] crimes place.”

Another resident noted that although things have happened, in the past, it has never been so close to residential areas.

“Things happen, but in the mountainside. Nothing like that ever happen close,” the man, who has lived in Vermont for 30 years, said. “It giving the place a bad name.”

He went on to say that whoever shot Williams is a “wicked set of people.”

When she spoke with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, Miranda’s mother, Monica Williams, said she was saddened by the death of her fourth child, but that she must be strong for her grandchildren.

Williams explained that she had gone to make groceries on Saturday morning, and that she was on her way home when one of her children called to inform her that a body resembling Miranda had been found in the Vermont area.

The mother further stated that upon confirmation that it was her daughter, she immediately travelled to her daughter’s house.

“I meet them (her family) on the way and from there, we go to the mortuary, but I did not see her,” Williams said.

After revealing that Miranda had complained about being harassed by an individual, family members voiced their belief that Miranda may have been abducted while on her way home on Saturday night and then killed.

“I heard she had already come from work. She had gone to buy a phone card and was on her way up, not too far from here,” the mother said in relation to where her daughter was last seen.

“I couldn’t have believed. My daughter, she is not the kind of person who is going to party and things like that. Just work and home. So I don’t know who kidnap her; I don’t know who kill her, but I leave everything in God hands.”

Days after her death, neighbours still cannot believe that the 34-year-old woman is no longer alive.

While one neighbour was observed crying yesterday, another told SEARCHLIGHT that Miranda was an agreeable person, whom she got along with ever since she (Miranda) was young.

Miranda was the mother of two children, 12-year-old Tyrese and 5-year-old Tyresa.

“It’s sad, but I have to satisfy and be content, go on with my life and take care of the two children,” the deceased’s mother said.

Residents joined with family members on Monday night in the area where the body was found, and had a candlelight vigil for the deceased.

Police are investigating the matter. (BK)