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Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger refreshes at Dark View Falls

Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger refreshes at Dark View Falls


by: Taranjah Yaw Tue April 8, 2014

Last Thursday afternoon, Chateaubelair paid host to rock legend Mick Jagger, who popped into the quaint north-western town for a little relaxation at Dark View Falls, one of the more popular recreational sites on the coast.{{more}}

Jagger achieved international fame and fortune from his early start with the Rolling Stones, a sixties boy band that continues to roll.

Jagger had to cut performances in Australia on March 17 after his long-term partner L’wren Scott committed suicide in her New York home.

The music icon and his party disembarked on the Chateaubelair jetty, where a section had broken off and sunk during the recent passage of the destructive trough system. They arrived around 3 p.m. on a 40 foot vessel with three 200 horsepower Yamaha engines. A waiting vehicle took Jagger and his party, which included one of his daughters and a granddaughter, to the waterfalls. They stayed for two hours before returning to the vessel, bound for Mustique where Jagger has a home.

The legendary rocker has a long history with the Caribbean, apart from his association with Mustique. Jagger has collaborated with musicians from the region, even producing an international hit with Reggae legend Peter Tosh. The duet (You gotta walk, Don’t look back) was released in the mid 70s. He also worked with the Wailers as a group.

Jagger amassed a fortune from his music, but he has also branched out into TV and film, including as a producer. His skinny rugged good looks and bad boy reputation have endeared him to many generations of fans, and helped him collect a string of awards and accolades and even a knighthood.

Before rolling out, Sir Michael told SEARCHLIGHT that he had been up to Chateaubelair several times, but it was his first time at the Dark View waterfalls and even though it was affected by the Christmas floods, it is still beautiful and is a good place to “bring everyone up to” sometimes.

The Dark View site consists of two waterfalls, one located about 100 yards above the other. The ponds at the lower falls are filled with boulders and sand from the recent weather system. However, the site has been reopened and has been receiving visitors since February. A third waterfall is located higher up the mountains, but it is not easily accessible.

Chair of the North Leeward Tourism Association Clem Derrick told SEARCHLIGHT that to date Mick Jagger may be the most famous person to visit the popular site and that he is extremely welcome to return at any time he chooses. Derrick also said that it would be good to name something in the area after Jagger, like they did in naming beaches after royalty. “This time is Rock royalty and maybe he can help us clear and repair the ponds and further improve the site,” said Derrick, who spent most of his youth in the UK and claims to be a huge Rolling Stones fan.

Before boarding his vessel the music icon introduced members of his party to the few persons who had gathered and when asked if he had gotten any inspiration at the waterfalls, the rocker quipped “Maybe I will.”