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Official photos of Miss SVG contestants to be released on April 22

Official photos of Miss SVG contestants to be released on April 22


The eight young ladies slated to contest the Miss SVG pageant on May 31 are currently in preparation for their big night.

The media was invited, and SEARCHLIGHT caught up with six of the contestants at the Bishop’s College in Kingstown on Wednesday, as they were undergoing a session with trainers Lateisha Sandy and Janelle Allen.

Present at the session were Jamilia Neverson, Tatiana Lespierre, Karla Gellizeau, Shackell Bobb, Selis Blair, and Fellisia Baptiste.

Missing were Vanika Hope and Shadeisha George.

Althought they are in preparation mode, the girls appeared eager and ready for their big night.

At Monday’s press conference of the Carnival Development Corporation, chief executive officer Ashford Wood indicated that plans for the pageant were progressing well.

Reading from a report prepared by Cheryl Rodriguez, chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee, Wood stated that the contestants have been in training for months, in order to ensure that quality performances are presented on pageant night.

“An intensive training programme began in January 2014, with Talent on Tuesdays, Exercise, Walking, On-stage presentation on Tuesdays and Fridays, Interview and Public Speaking on Wednesdays and Personal/Professional Development on Saturdays. In these sessions, all contestants are being prepared to represent SVG in MISS CARIVAL 2014, as they all have an equal opportunity to win.

“Contestants were presented to the chairman and Board of Directors of the CDC, and we are satisfied that, so far, they are doing quite well and where improvement is needed, they will listen to their facilitators and trainers, absorb what they are being taught and practise, practise, practise,” the report said.

The report also indicated that eight sponsors have been identified, and would soon be meeting with the beauty shows committee to each select a contestant.

The contestants will also be provided with costumes in which they would make their introductory speeches.

These costumes would be provided by Melbourne Artisans, Ahdrenalin, Nelson Bloc, Owen Ralph and the Professionals, Imagination, Dragons, High Voltage, and Blondie Bird and Friends.

The CDC indicated that official photos of the ladies would be released on April 22.