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Injured officer not back on duty as yet

Injured officer not back on duty as yet


While investigations are said to be ongoing into the robbery of an employee of the Postal Corporation of approximately $100,000 in Kingstown, on June 13, the police officer who was shot during that ordeal is still battling with health related issues.{{more}} 

In an exclusive interview with Commissioner of Police Michael Charles yesterday, he confirmed that since the incident took place, Police Constable 843 Juliane Jack, who was shot twice in the stomach area, has not yet returned to his duties. 

“He’s not yet back on duty. He recently had an operation done. His intestines were ruptured during that incident and they had to wait until they healed to do the operation,” Charles told SEARCHLIGHT. 

Charles further added that along with the assistance from the government, the Police Welfare Department is also assisting Jack financially. 

According to Charles, Jack might also be travelling abroad soon to seek further medical attention. 

No one has been charged in connection with his shooting. 

Reports are that at about 11 a.m. on the day in question, a male snatched a deposit bag containing approximately $100,000 from a female employee of the Postal Corporation, who was returning from the bank.

Jack was in the vicinity at the time and during his attempt to apprehend the man, he was shot twice.

Former national footballer Dwayne Sandy had been named as a suspect in that matter. However, after being arrested twice, Sandy was released at about 4:50 a.m. on June 22 without being charged.

Police had also revealed that there was another suspect in the matter.

The identity of the suspect has never been revealed.