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ScotiaBank customers get treat from Garifuna Culture Dance Company

ScotiaBank customers get treat from Garifuna Culture Dance Company


Lively drumming and expressive dancing served as a welcome and entertainment to ScotiaBank customers last Thursday, as they carried out their various transactions.{{more}}

As a way of celebrating National Heroes Day, the financial institution decided to invite the Garifuna Culture Dance Company to do performances and other expressions that were indicative of the Garifuna culture.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the bank, the group was engaging in a freestyle punta, where boys and girls displayed their dance skills in the middle of two lines. When they approached the end of the line, they interacted with the drummers by creating movements with different parts of their bodies, before moving back to their position in the line.

“We actually had a lot of customers who were pretty impressed,” Janine DeFreitas, a ScotiaBank representative said. “We hope that it will be an annual event.”

In this vein, DeFreitas stated that they hope “other financial institutions and the other organizations in St Vincent and the Grenadines will get on board with us next year to do this.”

Executive director of the Garifuna Culture Dance Company Kelvin May expressed his joy at being able to be a part of highlighting the cultural aspects of the Garifuna people.

While speaking about the three-year-old company, May noted that the youths were trained in a variety of dances that they performed.

“What you have seen here today is not a surprise, because we have classes to teach dancers well. They are youngsters; they just want to learn more about their culture,” the director said.

May, who seemed very passionate about his culture, noted that although the group was started in Sandy Bay, they are hoping to expand and give classes to persons who would be interested in learning Garifuna, dances as well as songs and the language.

The director noted that the group will be happy to take on board anyone who is willing to sponsor their cause.

Persons interested can contact him at 593-8778.