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Masked man guns down youth next to mother at Paul’s Lot

Masked man guns down youth next to mother at Paul’s Lot


One of the persons involved in a shoot-out last month, which was captured in a black and white video clip, is believed to be Kwasie Ryan, the young man who met his death yesterday morning in his Paul’s Avenue yard.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT carried a story on February 25, about a shoot-out in Paul’s Avenue, where one man was seen by eyewitnesses, chasing another as the two exchanged gunfire.

The 30-second video clip was then aired on the SEARCHLIGHT’s Facebook page on February 28.

In the video, one man, believed to be Ryan, is seen exiting a gutter located between Ferdinand’s Grocery and the Serious Offences Court.

He falls as he gets out of the gutter, then regains his balance and continues running.

Seconds later a second individual is seen exiting the gutter, and proceeds to fire shots at the first man.

Out of the view of the camera, but visible to eyewitnesses, the first man returns fire over his shoulder, while the second man takes cover.

Speaking to reporters on Monday afternoon, only hours after her son was gunned down next to her, Brenda Ryan said that Kwasie had told her that he had been accosted some weeks prior to yesterday’s incident.

“They run him down and probably fire bullets at him about two weeks ago. It was about a week after he came out. He came out on Thursday and the Wednesday after that they run him down,” Ryan said.

The grieving mother was referring to her son being released from jail on $30,000 bail, after he and another Paul’s Avenue resident, Jariel “Mad Max” Belle, were jointly charged with the daylight robbery of St Hill Insurance Company on January 30.

Ryan was killed in a hail of gunfire some time before 7 a.m. yesterday, as he exited his yard.

The 24-year-old was shot multiple times by a lone, masked gunman.