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Duo charged in break-ins totalling over $40,000

Duo charged in break-ins totalling over $40,000


Two men have been charged in connection with break-ins at a number of stores in the Kenmars Mall on Halifax Street, between August 16 and 17.{{more}}

Sion Hill resident Jason Williams, 24, and Dennis Richardson, 20 of Glen, pleaded not guilty to four counts of burglary, when they appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday, before Magistrate Ricky Burnette.

They are charged with entering Digital Centre and stealing 38 cellular phones, 30 speakers, 65 flash drives, phone batteries, earphones, computer batteries and other items totalling $26,650, the property of Dillon Chen of China and Cane Garden.

They are also charged with entering Clera’s Enterprise and stealing ladies perfumes, Victoria Secret underwear, back packs, necklaces, clothing and other items valued at $7,097, the property of Clera Pompey of Prospect.

Williams and Richardson are also charged with entering the Vincy Flavours store and stealing phones, watches and video games valued at $5,299, the property of Bert Williams of Prospect.

Finally, they are charged with entering the PennyWise store and stealing a box of lighters and $1,800, the property of Barbara Bollers of Cane Garden.

The men also pleaded not guilty to damaging four glass panels valued at $1,365, the property of Kenmars.

Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police Glenford Gregg, objected to the men being given bail on the grounds that police are still conducting investigations into a number of burglaries which had taken place around Kingstown, with which both men might be able to assist.

Williams, who was not represented by legal counsel when he appeared before the magistrate yesterday, told the court that police came to his home and took away items, which he said belong to him. He added that none of the items mentioned in the charges were found at his home.

Richardson, who was also not represented, also said that none of the items were found at his home.

The magistrate denied the men bail and remanded them in custody until September 16.

When the men exited the court house, Richardson expressed his anger by showing his middle finger to SEARCHLIGHT’s camera, while Williams tried to hide his face.(KW)