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Motorcyclist collides with minibus on Georgetown main road

Motorcyclist collides with minibus on Georgetown main road


Georgetown residents are mourning the loss of Deron McDowall, whom they remember as an exceptional and community spirited young man.{{more}}

McDowall, who is also known as “Eye Spy,” died on Monday night, when his motorcycle collided with a minibus on the main road in Georgetown.

Witnesses of the accident told SEARCHLIGHT that McDowall was riding his motorcycle in the direction of Kingstown when a minibus tried to manoeuvre its way around another parked minibus.

They stated that the 22-year-old slammed head first into the minibus, and was thrown onto a nearby wall and landed in a resident’s concreted yard.

His helmet was lost in the process and remained lying on the other side of the road.

“He (the van driver) came on the man (McDowall) hand too much, so the man lash pon the van and go straight over,” an eye-witness said.

Witnesses to the accident say they suspect that McDowall did not see the van coming towards him.

They indicated that they were upset with the driver of the van, alleging that after the accident, he moved the vehicle a few feet away from where the accident had actually taken place.

“The van bin done stop. He leave and take the van and carry it up dey,” said one individual, while pointing to an area in the road.

“He should ah leave the van let the police and them see what happen”.

When they spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, individuals were still shaken by the state of the young man’s body after the accident.

“When he go over there, he foot done break, dey ah sling. The boy couldn’t even breathe. All thing ah come out the boy head. Me can’t even lift up the man how me frighten. Water come out me eye all thing,” one eye-witness said.

Tomasa Collins, a friend of the deceased said that up to press time, he was still unable to sleep.

Collins stated that McDowall had been with him and some other friends, moments before he died just a few yards away.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that he heard an explosion and upon investigation, he discovered McDowall, lying on the ground in a resident’s yard.

Collins, who attended the Georgetown Secondary School with the deceased, said that a friend came with a car and they took McDowall’s body to the hospital.

“I talk to him, try to see if he would talk. Only thing he do is open he eye and watch me. He try work up him mouth, to talk, but like he cant talk or nothing. Froth ah come out he mouth,” he said.

Collins stated that McDowall was announced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Having known McDowall for approximately 18 years, Collins told SEARCHLIGHT that he was a mannerly person who always liked to help people in the community.

“He was like a brother to everybody. He cool and thing. If you going somewhere and he have his vehicle, he would pick you up ask you where you going,” Collins said.

“Na care how old you be, he go pass and call out to you. Make he little joke and everything”.

Mother of the deceased Angella McDowall also remembers her son as a kind person.

The sad mother said she received a call on Monday night, informing her that her third child had been in an accident. She stated that by the time she got to the scene, he was already taken to the hospital.

“We go good. Me and he had a good relationship and he would be sadly missed by everyone, especially children. He loves children,” Angella said.

Based on what she heard, the mother of five also believes that the accident could have been avoided.

“I would like to see justice done,” she said.

Police are investigating.(BK)