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Hold on: 20 finalists, one car, 24 hours

Hold on: 20 finalists, one car, 24 hours


Perseverance and stamina may be the key factors determining which of the 20 finalists in the Hairoun Hai Life Promotion drive away with a brand new Mazda RX8 car tomorrow.{{more}}

Alvin Bacchus, Marina Miller, Arden Billinghurst, Carlisle Burke, Edson Bynoe, Jamal Brudy, Vanrick Williams, Nicholas Butcher, Jeremy King, Cordel Caine, Mcneil John, Alex Sutherland, Bertram Edwards, Roland Jack, Kenroy Simmons, Odfred Cato, Kine Antoine, Yoland Glasgow, Kenard Creese and Kenrick Charles are the finalists who will participate in the grand finale which begins today at Heritage Square from 11 a.m., and runs until 11 a.m. tomorrow.

“It may sound simple, but there are rules and regulations these participants will have to abide by, if one of them is to win this car,” regional commercial manager, St Vincent Brewery Shafia London-Williams said on Tuesday at a press conference.

The competition is being executed with the permission of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA).

According to the rules, entrants will physically hold onto the car with their palms open wide at all times.

The car will remain in a stationary position on an elevated reinforced stage and the area where the person will be holding on to the car will not be sheltered.

The list of rules further states that each person must stand upright at all times, and only one hand must be used and that specific hand must remain on the car at all times.

One 10-minute break will be allowed, during which a medical check will be conducted.

All participants will receive a medical check prior to the event to validate that they are physically able to participate.

Participants will be expected to sign a liability waiver, prior to being allowed to participate.

This, according to London-Williams would cover any previous medical condition that the company may not be aware of, that could impact on their participation or management of stress levels by the participant.

A medical team will be on location for the duration of the competition.

The participants will not be allowed food of any kind, but will be allowed drinks provided only by the Brewery.

The choices of drinks to be served are fruit juice, milk or water.

No one is allowed to touch any of the participants while they are holding on to the car and security personnel will be present at all times.

The participants will be allowed to move once they do not remove their hand and do so without touching any other contestant.

At least three judges will be present at all times to observe the competition.

The entrants will be allowed to hold on to the car for a maximum of 24 hours. After 24 hours have elapsed and more than one entrant is still present, the winner will be selected by a draw.

The rule list further states that the St Vincent Brewery Ltd reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition in the interest of fairness, transparency and well-being of all concerned in keeping with the National Lotteries Authority Act.

No employees or relatives of employees of the St Vincent Brewery Ltd are allowed to participate.

The regional commercial manager said that the competition will be recorded, in case of any disputes.

Meanwhile, Hairoun Beer has launched a social media promotion, which includes the launch of Hairoun Beer on Twitter.

According to a release, persons can join the Hairoun Facebook family by “Liking” the Hairoun Beer Facebook Page; the 600th person to “Like” the page will win prizes, including a six-pack of Hairoun, Hairoun paraphernalia and a ticket to an upcoming Hairoun sponsored event.

“Furthermore, with the increased use of Twitter by many Vincentians, Hairoun drinkers can now begin sending beer tweets to Hairoun on Twitter! Be one of the first five persons to send Hairoun a beer tweet between Wednesday and Friday at noon and persons can win a Hairoun for them and friends at Friday’s Grand Finale. There will be also prizes for persons who tweet photos of themselves enjoying Hairoun. All Tweets must have the #(Hashtag) Hai Life. Tweets without the Hashtag will not be eligible to win,” the release further stated. (AA)